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Looking for a space that fits your exact needs to meet with your clients?

We have some options you may love:

Large Meeting Room

Best solution for executive or bigger team meetings up to 8 people. You can visit our lounge area for unlimited tea, coffee and filtered water.

Small Meeting Room

Best solution for small meetings up to 4 people. You will be provided with unlimited tea, coffee and filtered water.

Amenities of Meeting Rooms:

Enjoy the high-speed internet, comfortable seating and large flat screen for your presentations. As customizable as it gets, we will listen your needs carefully and provide you the solutions.

On-demand, we will provide you catering and extra drink options as well.

Conference Phone

Meeting rooms have Cisco 8851 conference phone where you can do meetings by calling 50+ Countries.

Meeting Spaces

Catering Options

Let’s pack your meeting room before your meeting for treating your customers “Like a Boss”!

While booking your meeting room, feel free to include some of our add-ons to impress your customers:

Automated Booking, Check-in and Visitor Invitation

All of our meeting rooms and private kiosk have displays outside, You will be able to make instant bookings based on the real-time information displayed onscreen.

Daily & Monthly Serviced Office Rentals

Coworking spaces provide you with a great chance to network, create connections, and broaden your leads. Either you are self-employed, an entrepreneur, a corporation, a digital nomad, or a free-lancer. Networking is the key to success.

At West Quay Offices, you can get a private office of yours, top-speed fiber internet, fully brand-new furniture, access to member benefits, community boards, and events.

Lounge Area & Booths

If you do not need full privacy, you can sit anywhere in the lounge area, especially on one of the six working booths we provide, where you can use the electric plug on each table to charge your laptop as well. No reservation is required.

If they are not available, you can also use six roundtables next or our couches around the lounge area.

Enjoy the high-speed internet, comfortable seating, fresh bean coffee, and large flat screen for your presentations.

Event Space Rentals

We can tailor an event for you in our lounge area. Your guest will be provided with unlimited tea, coffee, and filtered water. On-demand, we will provide you with catering and extra drink options as well.

Enjoy the high-speed fiber internet, comfortable seating areas, and large flat screen for your presentations. As customizable as it gets, we will listen to your needs carefully and provide you with solutions.

What is Included?

Reimagine the way you work. Worry-free and all-in-one solutions:

Frequently Asked Questions?

Turn up and plug in while we take care of the rest.

Our friendly reception team is ready to get you started every single day. From setting up super-fast Wi-Fi and printing services to mail handling and admin support, simply choose the plan that works for you and grow with your business. You can even bring up to one guest, free of charge.

Have a question about our services? Find the answer among these frequently asked questions.

Meeting Rooms

  • Do I need a coworking membership to book a meeting space?

    No, a coworking membership is not required in order to book a meeting space. Individuals who do have a coworking membership may get additional credits and discounts.

  • Do you allow outside groups to book at West Quay Offices for meetings or events?

    Yes, we do. Please contact us , visit the meeting spaces or the events page.

  • Do you offer free coffee?

    We do! We provide numerous drinks such as latte, french vanilla, mocha, black coffee, etc. with our high advanced coffee machine.

  • What if I want to sign up, but won’t be able to use my membership for a few months?

    We don’t charge for a Membership until you are ready to use it. Generally, when you are ready to join, come in, visit our Member portal or use our mobile application to start your setup.

  • What are the public office hours at West Quay Offices?

    The public office hours in West Quay Offices is 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday except Statuary holidays.

    Certain Coworking plans and Private Office Plans offer 24/7 Access.

  • How can I book a meeting room?

    There are many easy ways to book a Meeting Room:

    1. Using our mobile application on your phone.
    2. Using the tablets that are located in front of the Meeting Rooms
    • You will need to enter your user/pass
    • OR easiest way tab your phone on tablet (you still need mobile application on your phone to do this)
    1. Through our online Member portal at 
    2. Contact us.
  • Can I bring outside clients in for meetings? Do I need to book a meeting room for this?

    You can absolutely bring clients in for a meeting. It is required for all members to book a Meeting Room if the meeting won’t be conducted in a Private Office, since it can lead to the disturbance of other Members and as well as the intrusion of your privacy.

    You need to register your visitor on our portal or mobile application in order for us to notify you at the arrival of your guests.

  • Can I make online meetings (Zoom, Teams, etc…) and phone calls in Single Private Booths?

    Online meetings and phone calls are prohibited in Single Private Booths due to them not being soundproof.

  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay conveniently by bank transfer, debit or credit card.

  • Can I use a coworking space if I’m not a member?

    West Quay Offices provide Pay As You Go options for guests. We offer Day Passes for just $35 per person. Your Day Pass allows you full, all-day access to West Quay Offices innovative work environments and business-class Wi-Fi.