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Team Management

Take full control of your office and manage how your teams access with our tools.

Access Control

Making sure your office is secure and can only be accessed by who you allow is an integral feature in any modern workspace. We provide you a number of solutions to facilitate access control, so you and your team can rest assured of the safety and security of your office.

Access to the Community

Our discussion boards facilitates communication between our members, while also allowing you to create and manage content allowing you to communicate with your team. You can use the community module to:

  • Write news articles to announce information and updates about your office, and allow employees to comment on them.
  • Schedule activities such as seminars, workshops or exercise classes at your office with the events calendar.
  • Set up community message boards where users can communicate with threaded discussion.

Group your employees or colleagues into teams for easy management

You are able to group your office users into teams, making it easier for team leaders to control permissions. Perhaps you want to limit the access of teams to your office, or maybe you want to limit your teams to a certain number of meeting room booking credits?

Bookings are easier with floor plans

With floor plans, your team members will be able to see the areas where desks are available. 

Floor plans also ensure the correct occupancy levels, and can help implement hygiene and health protocols for your company.

Booking can also be made from tablets all around

Most of our booking resources have tablets in front or attached to the source. While you can book these resources in our mobile application and web site. You can also book these resources using the tablets for the resource. These tablets will also show if the resource is busy at that moment and when will ti be free.

Beyond A Working Space

Our meeting spaces and private offices have everything taken care of-
Just focus on driving your business forward.