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Lounge Area

Our unique, large and elegant lounge area is the heart of West Quay Offices.

The perfect solution for those who require a flexible workspace with comfortable open seating and access to shared amenities and vibrant common areas.

Simply grab your work essentials, pick a spot and get started on doing some of your best work.

Lounge Area

Hot Desks

Grab a seat on our high desk, plug in your laptop and work in harmony.

Work Booths

Work Booths

Find your privacy and comfort in these large work booths.

Round Tables

Round Tables

For meetings, for working, these comfy roundtables can host many,

Kitchen Area

Fresh Bean Coffee

Good coffee is what keeps most of our brains fueled. And it is complimentary in West Quay Offices.

Kitchen Area

Kitchen Area

We offer you a full kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, fridge, ice machine, water filter, cold water and utensils. All at your service if you need.

Dining Area

Dining Area

Grab some snacks or enjoy your lunch.

West Quay Office Juice Bar

Juice Bar

We are offering you cold beverages for all year round. We choose organic and no-sugar drinks for you.

West Quay Offices Library & Chess Table

Mini Library

Grab a book from our mini library and read on. And even donate a book to share knowledge.

Complimentary Hotdogs at West Quay Offices

Hot Dog Days

Come and get your hot dog from kitchen and combine it with one of our complimentary cold drinks.

Call Booths

Phone Booths

When you need to talk in privacy. It is bigger inside!

Chess Table


Chess has been proven to increase your IQ, improve memory function, help develop higher levels of creativity.

Hanging Chairs

Swing Chairs

For you to have some lovely meetings.

Information Broadcast

Weather, Traffics, News, Markets, etc... All broadcasted on our large 4K TV in lounge room.

Large Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms

You need your private space to meet your client or team - than easily use one of the meeting rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have questions about our workspace? We would like to take a moment to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and ask.

Coworking Membership 31 questions
  • What is Coworking?

    Coworking is a global movement that provides collaborative and innovative office space solutions for people to grow their businesses. It is generally defined as flexible, membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting. Read more about our Coworking membership.

  • What does Coworking Membership include?

    Depending on plan you choose some are:

    • 1.5 Gigabit fiber internet,
    • Coffee, espresso, tea, juices & filtered water,
    • Access to lounge area and hot desks,
    • Business Address
    • Mail Collect and Notification
    • Scanner and Fax Access
    • Locker
    • Large and Small Meeting Room Access
    • Free Private Booth Access
    • Mono & Color Printing
    • Off-site Cloud Space for Backups
    • 24/7 Weekend Access (+$50)
    • Discount on your additional bookings and upgrades
    • Member network where you can connect with other members through our online community
    • Exclusive events at our space for all of our members to attend.

    Learn more about membership plans in here.

  • Are there any additional expenses that aren’t included in the fees?

    There are no hidden fees or additional expenses unless otherwise agreed upon. Such as printing, mailing services or additional meeting room hours above your membership allotment.

    Basically all services you need to startup will be included in the plan you choose.

    But we have many additional high tech and special services where you may like to add in the beginning or during time. You can view all of these on the plan you book or products page.

  • Do you have a Hot Desk or Flex Desk membership?

    Indeed all hot desks (and some call flex desk) are included in the Coworking Membership plans we offer. You just come and sit wherever you want.

    Meanwhile if you want your own desk we have dedicated desk options or your very own Private Office options.

  • Do you have meeting rooms available for meetings?

    Yes, we do. You can book them additionally or choose a bundle that includes some hours each month. Check our meeting rooms in here.

  • What’s the difference between Hot and Dedicated Desk?

    With a Hot Desk, you can work at any of the tables or booths in our common space and it is first come first served while you will always find your spot anyway. A Dedicated Desk membership is a specific desk that is yours, and you can set it up with your own monitor, computer if desired. Dedicated Desks are in one of our Private Offices shared by other members.

  • Is there a minimum commitment?

    There is no commitment on Coworking Membership and Virtual Office plans.

  • Is there parking and included?

    There is free underground customer parking in our building. We advise to leave those spots for your clients and visitors.

    We do offer monthly reserved parking on gated, secure section of underground parking for any monthly Coworking Membership (VIP Plan), Dedicated Desk and Private Office plans.

  • What if I want to sign up, but won’t be able to use my membership for a few months?

    We don’t charge for a membership until you are ready to use it, generally when you are ready to join, come in or visit our member portal or use mobile application to get it going.

  • Can I put my membership on hold?

    If you are subscribed to one of our Coworking Membership plans you can put your membership on hold. If you have a Private Office or Dedicated Desk you cannot as we are not able to hold a dedicated desk or office.

    Alternatively, you can switch to a Virtual Office plan during to continue receiving your emails and keep your setup like Website, Phone Numbers, etc…

  • What are the public office hours at West Quay Offices?

    Coworking office hours in West Quay Offices is 9 AM – 5 PM, Monday to Friday except Statuary holidays.

    Some Coworking plans and Private Office Plans offer 24/7 Access.

  • Can I only work out of the space during “public office hours”?

    Most of our memberships are 24/7 access except Hybrid and Community Coworking plans.

    During non public office hours, admin services will be limited and you will require key cards to unlock office doors and main building where you can get from reception.

  • How can I book a meeting room?

    There are many easy ways to book a meeting room:

    1. Using our mobile application on your phone.
    2. Using tablets in front of meeting rooms
      • You will need to enter your user/pass
      • OR easiest way tab your phone on tablet (you still need mobile application on your phone to do this)
    3. Through our online member portal at
    4. Contact us.
  • Can I bring outside clients in for meetings? Do I need to book a meeting room for this?

    You can absolutely bring clients in for a meeting, we do ask that you book a meeting room if you plan on meeting longer than 30 minutes.

    You need to register your visitor on our portal or mobile application so we can notify you when they arrive and also know that he/she is your guest. This is a simple or impressive process for your visitors too.

    Or they can do when they arrive on tablet kiosk in reception.

  • Can I make online meetings (Zoom, Teams, etc…) on public areas?

    Sometimes these meetings can be hot and distract others around you if you are in common areas.

    So we ask you do do these meetings in your Private Office if you have one OR if you don’t want to do it in there and if you are a Coworking Member, please book our “Small Meeting Room” for this. Small meeting room is very cheap compared to large one and you have many meeting dollars in your account that will expire each month. This way, we can keep everyone happy.

  • Can I make online meetings (Zoom, Teams, etc…) in Single Private Rooms?

    Please, do NOT!

    These rooms designed for single persons to work and focus on what hey are doing. These pods are not sound proof. Any loud noise you will make in there will echo in half of our office. While this will remove your privacy, it will also interrupt all around that area and other single private booths.

  • Do you have printing services?

    Yes, we do have professional office printer on site. We offer credit for printing to some Coworking plans, Private Offices and Dedicated Desks.

  • Do you offer scanning or fax services?

    Yes, we offer scanning to anyone in our offices. We have a very smart auto document fee scanner that you can organize, email, copy to USB or Fax to Canada/US phones.

    This service is free to all members.

  • Do you offer mail service? Does it cost extra?

    This service is already included in most Coworking plans and Private Offices for one company.

    If you want to receive mails for additional companies or just want this service check our Virtual Office plans.

  • Can I bring my kids to work with me?

    At this time we are not able to accommodate children. In instances of an emergency we are accommodating for short durations in the workplace when responsible parent is present at all times with them.

    Our offices have many high tech stuff and not built thinking safety of children in young age.

  • Can I bring a friend in to work with me?

    If you would like to bring a guest with you to work in our space you will have to pay for a day pass for them on your member account.

    This does not refer to your visitors or customers that may visit you during day.

  • Are there any types of businesses that aren’t a good fit for coworking?

    The businesses that aren’t a good fit for West Quay Offices would be retail, massage, chiropractic, dentist etc. The type of businesses that have frequent heavy traffic in and out of the space.

  • Do you provide computers?

    No you must bring your own computer. We offer desks, shared tables or a range of private offices able to accommodate 1-6 people. Everyone gets to use the kitchen, shared lounge spaces. Wifi, coffee, tea and water are included and we have lockers where you can keep your stuff if you’re a member. Meeting rooms are available to book and meeting room credits are included in some packages.

  • Do you offer free coffee?

    Yes, we do with our fresh coffee maker!

  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay conveniently by bank transfer, debit or credit card.

  • I have to work in peace, is that possible in the working area?

    Our locations have retreat areas for concentrated work without distractions.

  • Is there a contact person on site?

    The other coworkers and our friendly employees and the Community Manager know their way around and will be happy to help you.

  • Is a coworking space worth it?

    We like to think so. But the truth is each business has their own circumstances where coworking may be a worthwhile investment or not. If you work remotely or are looking for an alternative workspace you may be questioning how your environment affects your productivity. For some, the flexibility to work in sweat pants or do laundry between calls is great, however it has its drawbacks. It may be mundane, and bouncing ideas off your dog might not work. For others in a small to medium-sized team it may be impractical to rent an entire office and fit it out yourself. Luckily we take flexible working at face value and can accommodate customization depending on your preferences — usually. If you’re ready to consider different options for your workspace, a strong possibility could be in West Quay Offices.

  • How do shared office spaces work?

    Think of it like a gym membership. Some people come in once a month while others may come in 7 days a week. No matter what your preference, we have different options to suit your needs. On any given day there will be a seat for you with all the amenities to get the most out of your working day; like super fast wifi, printing, unlimited coffee and front of house services for your guests (to name a few).

  • What are the benefits of collaborative workspaces?

    Many. The overhead costs of a fully equipped office are taken care of, superior fit out with premium sit-stand desks and chairs for use, flexibility to scale your business up or down, robust health and safety policy and an established company culture.

  • What is the minimum commitment I need to make to join West Quay Offices?

    We believe in flexible working, and that means being flexible ourselves. To support businesses and our vision we do not lock members into any long term leases or contracts. Most memberships are on a month to month basis with a 30 day notice period respectively. Please get in touch to find out more.

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