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Download our Passport Mobile Application

and always be in sync with your workspace

Stay connected to your community whether they are in your workspace, at home, or anywhere else in the world.

In-App Room Booking

Scheduling meeting rooms and other resources is so easy with our Passport app. Choose a time frame, and simply select your chosen room in West Quay Offices. You can also book meetings in person by just hovering your mobile phone running our Passport app over tablets outside the meeting rooms.

Our Passport application keeps the
"West Quay Offices" community engaged and collaborating -

At any time, in any place.

A member’s Passport is not just their key into the space, it is their key into the heart of their community. Doubling up as a social networking device, a meeting room booker, a discussion forum, an important documents wallet, and so much more. Your membership is not complete without it.
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