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Virtual Office

From business address services, phone services, virtual receptionists, office space available by day or month, and meeting rooms, a virtual office can be the primary address of a business, used as a satellite office for a business, or used for larger businesses looking to reduce their overhead costs. More than a PO Box, businesses are able to use their virtual office to list their business on Google and other online search engines, get business licenses from the North Vancouver city municipality, have physical office space on an ‘as-needed’ basis, utilize business phone services, and receive mail or packages.

Need a Virtual Office?

We will provide you with a real business address in a prime location, with mail forwarding and your local number, virtual receptionist services available, plus access to meeting rooms and desk space whenever you need it.

A virtual office can be used as a registered office address and boasts several advantages for company directors or business owners.

In today’s business world, your image is one of your most valuable assets. But is your address turning away potential clients or customers? West Quay Offices’ virtual office can give your company the credibility of a professional business address without the high cost of a long-term lease. Your new business address can receive mail and have it forwarded to you or held for pickup. You can also use your virtual office address to establish a business presence in a new market or expand your existing footprint. West Quay Offices also offer on-demand meeting rooms and workspace for rent. Give your business the image it deserves with our virtual office solutions.

  • Professional Business Address

    Legitimize your online business and cultivate a professional image with a virtual office address. Our virtual addresses can be used for business licensing and registration, as well as marketing on search engines and internet directories.

  • Mail Receipt, Forwarding and Digital Mailbox

    Keep your business and personal mail separate with our business mail forwarding service. No matter where your virtual office is located, a staff member will be available to receive, sort, and store your business mail until it's ready to be picked up in person or safely forwarded to you.

  • Incorporation Services

    Regardless of the entity type you choose, you’ll be working to protect yourself and your assets. You’ll be separating your personal and business finances and taking the next step in the passion that is your business.

  • Access to Meeting snd Workspaces whenever you need

    Visit us whenever you are in town. Make use of our community meeting rooms, office space, or coworking desks as the demands of your business change.

  • Local Phone Number & Virtual Assistant

    Whether you need a business line with great features or connectivity to work from anywhere, we make it super simple to get started. Keep your number or choose a new one at no extra cost.

  • Billing, Online Payments and Accounting Platform

    Manage your accounting, inventory, services, send invoices to your customers and let them pay you online by Credit Cards, PayPal and even Coins. We offer you many software suits to run your business smoothly.

Put your business in front of thousands of people!

Create a professional image that customers can trust

Give your business instant visibility with a physical address to use on hundreds of online listings, directories, and search engines.
Listing on Socials for Companies

Virtual Office is a Growing Need

The need for virtual office solutions is growing due to downsizing and more people working from home. It’s easy to see why there’s a need for virtual meeting room spaces and day offices with a business address. There are insurance, business, license, and legal reasons.

If a business sends a newsletter, for example, they need a business address that’s not their home address. People who operate a business from home don’t want their home address on a client invoice, so you will want to use our virtual mail address.

There’s a growing understanding of the value of virtual office coworking spaces. “West Quay Offices” provide ancillary services like meeting rooms, mail, and phone answering.

flexible working and always accessible

What are the Benefits of Virtual Office?

From established businesses looking to grow to start-ups looking to establish a presence, a wide range of businesses can use a virtual office. Virtual offices utilize modern technology to provide all the advantages of a traditional office, with added flexibility and cost savings.

From mail and call handling services to commitment-free contracts and prestigious business addresses in prominent and well-regarded locations, virtual offices offer a number of benefits to those who use them and their services.

  • Cost savings

    Creating a trustworthy and legitimate presence can be difficult when you do not have a registered office address. For ventures operating from home, like freelance video game designers or start-ups on a tight budget, a virtual office can provide the credible mailing address they need.

  • Home Workers

    A virtual office offers solutions to those who aren’t ready to return to a physical space.

  • Remote Workers

    Remote workers will often use a virtual office to provide a more structured working environment, boost their productivity and network with other professionals. We also offer community meeting rooms that can be used for training, work briefings, client meetings or small conferences.

  • Start-Ups

    many small firms do not have the funds to hire an in-house receptionist or someone to handle mail, so having a dedicated mail handling facility or call answering service is invaluable. This is why many small businesses or start-ups will opt for a virtual office that includes these services when they are first getting started.

  • Digital Nomads

    Digital nomads might use virtual offices for their online-based jobs, seizing the opportunity to take their work on their travels whilst also benefiting from a more professional environment. Wherever they are in the world, a virtual business address offers digital nomads a formal address, providing clients with an easy way of getting in touch and adding more credibility to the business.

  • Enterpreneurs

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  • International/Interstate Corporations

    International and interstate companies use virtual offices to enter new markets and be perceived as a local company. Some also use virtual offices to expand as branch in new locations.

  • Large & Established Corporations

    In addition to the businesses listed above, larger and more established companies also use virtual offices. These organizations might use a virtual office for a variety of reasons, including testing the local market or when they need a temporary base.

    Some of these companies will use virtual offices if they are looking to test the market in a new location, relocate or expand into a new area. With flexible contracts and plans available, virtual offices offer limited financial risk exposure with minimum commitment, allowing businesses to respond effectively to changing economic factors.

Virtual Office Plans​

Let's setup your new address immediately


CA$ 50 Monthly


CA$ 100 Monthly
  • Basic
  • Plus
Compare Virtual Office Plans
Business Address
Mail collection and notification
Digital mailbox
Website builder & hosting
Local phone number
Unlimited incoming calls and forwarding to your number
Virtual Receptionist
Virtual Fax Number
Accounting, billing and online payments software
Startup business planning software
Focus personal development software
File transfer tool
Off-site cloud space 10 GB 50 GB
Discount on additional bookings, resources and passes 5% 10%

Why do you need a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices allow for an increase in productivity, a reduction in commuting costs, and more flexibility. Virtual offices also significantly lower overheads and technology costs – making for a more cost-efficient solution to modern working.

With the unpredictability of what the future may bring, a virtual office provides you with business options and space, whereas previously, the options would have involved investing in a long-term, costly commercial lease. By utilizing a virtual office service, your business has options. You can test a market without large overhead costs, scale slowly in a new market without hiring multiple employees, and have the flexibility of cancelling a virtual office if unsuccessful. Our virtual office plans are month-to-month and can easily be cancelled.

Second, you must show your existing customer base that they are making the right choice by investing in you. People want to buy from businesses that solve their problems and have an upward trajectory for stability and growth. Even incremental investments in new markets demonstrate perseverance and strength and signal to existing customers that you are a stable choice to assist their business through the upcoming years.

Third, you can be a part of a business networking community already established in our location. Typically, the management is in constant communication with other businesses and entrepreneurs that both have physical office space or a virtual office. Throughout the past year, most have worked hard at reinventing their businesses via new networking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Virtual office space isn’t exactly a new idea, but it is new enough that people frequently have questions about how it works and what it is. We would like to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions.

If you can think of any others, feel free to contact us and ask.

Have a question about our services? Find the answer among these frequently asked questions.

Virtual Offices

  • What are the benefits of a virtual office?

    Virtual offices offer a wide range of benefits as they can help a business win more clients by improving the company’s reputation, save time and money, and increase productivity. In addition, they offer support for scaling, as a business can easily shrink or expand according to the workflow.  

    For example, they make a business appear more legitimate because the services that they provide make clients and customers believe that the company operates from a specific location. Also, virtual offices save a company’s money because business owners do not have to pay high overhead costs, such as bond, rent, equipment, IT services, or high employee costs. They save a company’s time as well because managers and employees do not have to travel or commute to an office to work. Remote work increases productivity as it allows them to live a healthier work-life balance and enjoy a stress-free work environment.  

    And last but not least, they offer unlimited access to top talent, meaning that managers can recruit and hire the finest talents in the world to work remotely for their businesses.

  • Who typically uses a virtual office?

    Virtual offices provide benefits to just about any business professional. Whether you are a start-up business looking to minimize expenses, a government official looking for a presence with support services outside of Victoria, or a more established entity looking to expand your business in the Vancouver, BC market, a virtual office could be the ideal solution for you. Virtual offices are a cost-effective way of creating a business presence while deciding if a physical presence or full-time office support is necessary and can greatly increase speed to market for a new business. Virtual offices can be used for a variety of things including business mailing addresses, branch offices, or as a professional meeting place.

  • Who should I use a virtual office service?

    A virtual office provides several of the amenities of a traditional office without the cost associated with a full-time office. Virtual office packages are flexible and can adjust to meet your specific needs at any given point in time. Our virtual office packages are designed to grow with you as your business grows.

  • As a virtual office client of West Quay offices, will I also have access to physical office place?

    Yes. As a virtual office client of West Quay Offices, you can enjoy up to 40 hours of day office on our premium virtual office plans, meeting room, and meeting usage per month. A virtual office with West Quay Offices is the perfect solution for when you need access to a private office on occasion, but not daily. At any point, if you determine that you’d like a more permanent solution, you can upgrade from a virtual office package to a full-time office package and keep your virtual office telephone number and business address. 

    West Quay Offices’ day office and meeting rooms are fully furnished and equipped with high-speed Internet and complimentary US/Canada long distance calling. We can even provide clerical support services while you are using your office.

  • Will I get access to meeting rooms if I need?

    Virtual Offices at West Quay Offices do provide access to meeting rooms and conference rooms. In addition to your new professional business address, live telephone answering service, and reception services, you can enjoy anywhere from 16 to 40 hours per month in a day office, private meeting room, or our professional business lounge with your virtual office. And you can book your space anytime you want online or contact your My Annapolis Office staff to book it for you.

  • How West Quay Offices will handle my virtual office telephone line?

    If you are unable to answer a phone call, the virtual office phone auto-attendant at West Quay Offices will direct your callers to your individual voicemail box. You can access your voicemail box 24 hours per day / 7 days per week to retrieve your messages or have your voicemail messages emailed to you, allowing you to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. Let West Quay Offices keep you connected wherever you are with a virtual office phone package.

  • How does call forwarding work with a virtual office?

    As a customer of West Quay Offices, you define how you would like your telephone calls managed by our virtual office receptionist. Our state-of-the-art telephone system presents the virtual office receptionist with a scripted greeting which allows the receptionist to answer your call using the name of your business and then seamlessly patch your calls through to your specified number — whether it’s your home phone, a cell phone for when you’re on the road, or a central office phone.

  • Why choose a virtual office with West Quay Offices?

    A virtual office solution from West Quay Offices can provide several of the benefits of full-time office space at a fraction of the cost. Our virtual offices not only provide you with a prestigious business address but virtual office receptionist services with telephone answering services in the name of your business. 

    Your personal virtual office number is equipped with seamless call patching so you’ll never miss a call and 24-hour remote access to voicemail with optional voicemail to email service. Keep your virtual office active and you’ll never need to worry about changing your business address or phone number in the event that you expand or relocate. Our service will follow you wherever you go.

  • Is a virtual office a physical space?

    A virtual office isn’t a full-time workspace for your business. With our virtual office packages, you register your business at West Quay Offices and your company benefits from having a prestigious address in a leading location. All our business addresses belong to real workplaces. 

    If you need a physical space to work, you can choose a virtual office package and work there whenever you want. With our Virtual Office Plus package, you can work from an office or coworking desk for some days days each month. 

    Alternatively, our office or coworking membership give you access to a private office or coworking desk as often as you need.

  • How often will my mail be forwarded?

    With our mail-forwarding service, you can choose to receive your mail daily, weekly, or monthly, rather than collecting your mail in person.

  • Will my calls answered with my company name?

    We or yourself can program an auto-attendant welcome message however you like. The calls can be transferred to your personal or mobile phone. Or they can be directed to your voice mail.

  • Do I have to live in Vancouver area to utilize your virtual offices?

    No. We have clients who live all over the country and international who have virtual offices with us here in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • Do you have a mail forwarding process?

    We offer mail forwarding to all our virtual office clients. We receive your mail here at our office and forward it to the address of your choice. Postage is calculated per month and charged in addition to your monthly fee. Some clients in the area prefer to stop by our office and pick up their mail, which is always an option. 

    We also have mail scanning and sending to you electronically service. 

  • Do your virtual offices have phone service?

    We do offer phone services to all virtual clients, either for an additional charge or included in some packages.

  • Does the program include local phone and fax numbers?

    It does. When signing up for the program online, you will have the opportunity to choose local phone and fax numbers which will be associated with your company. 

    You will also have the opportunity to transfer your previous number.

  • Can I use my existing company phone number?

    Yes, there are 2 ways you are able to keep your existing company phone number:

    1. By setting up call forwarding from your current carrier to the phone number you choose with West Quay Offices (this process works instantly). 
    2. By porting your current company phone number from your existing carrier to West Quay Offices (this process takes 5 to 10 business days).
  • Can I use my West Quay Offices location as my corporate mailing address?

    Yes, you may choose any of our location as your corporate mailing address but as each address needs to be unique for best social media benefits, we will provide you a unique number combined with our address. 

    We also provide a mail forwarding service, where we can forward your mail to a designated address for the benefit of your privacy.

  • How can I book a meeting room?

    There are many easy ways to book a Meeting Room:

    1. Using our mobile application on your phone.
    2. Using the tablets that are located in front of the Meeting Rooms
    • You will need to enter your user/pass
    • OR easiest way tab your phone on tablet (you still need mobile application on your phone to do this)
    1. Through our online Member portal at 
    2. Contact us.
  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay conveniently by bank transfer, debit or credit card.

  • What is a Virtual Office?

    A virtual office provides office support services to small business owners and other business professionals without the overhead of employing administrative support staff and/or leasing office space. Virtual office packages can vary but typically offer administrative staff, telephone answering services, business support services, and the occasional use of a physical business address. 

    Telephone calls and mail received at your virtual office location can either be stored on-site in your dedicated voicemail or physical mailbox or forwarded to another business location or private residence. Meeting facilities are also available for use at our North Vancouver office for our virtual office clients

    Virtual office services through West Quay Offices provide the benefits of Class A office space without the need for you to physically be there. 

    Additionally, you will be provided 24-hour remote access to your voicemail with your dedicated virtual office phone number.