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Team Members

There have been many individuals and companies that have worked to improve West Quay Offices on their journey. We are grateful to all of them and all the businesses that put faith in us to keep their businesses safe and running.

The journey goes on and this is our current team.

We never stop improving West Quay Offices, so feel free to contact us with your suggestions

Huseyin Kahraman

Huseyin Kahraman


Huseyin has a long history working with Emin, more than 20 years in his corporations as project manager. West Quay Offices would not exist without him. Huseyin is also an expert in web development and video editing, and we use his talents on West Quay Offices promo videos. Huseyin is the main turning wheel for West Quay Offices.

Zeynep Kasapoglu

Zeena Kasapoglu


After working for 3 years in sales and marketing, Zeena started her new career at our offices as an office administrator in 2022. 

Meanwhile, Zeena is also studying psychology, so we expect she can understand us better than anyone else.

Emin Kasapoglu

Emin Kasapoglu


Emin has been an entrepreneur, building and running businesses for more than 30 years. He has built multinational companies, and he is an expert in web development, online marketing, corporate management, and many other things. Emin is using his knowledge and expertise to develop tools and structures for all the businesses hosted on West Quay Offices.

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We are always looking for brilliant people that are full of ideas and passion to make a difference.