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Smart and Powerful Off-site Cloud Storage For Your Files

Keep everything safe in online storage, where you can access it anytime and anywhere and share it with your clients whenever you want.

Westquay Cloud Storage

Your files will be stored in

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Powered by Amazon Web Services

Our cloud storage is located in Toronto, Canada, in the Amazon Datacenter, and files you upload will never be stored outside of Canada. We’ll protect and keep your data private.

Protect Your Data and Recover Your Files Anytime You Need

If your device is lost or stolen, rest easy knowing your data’s safe. All of your files are secure in our cloud storage and backed up multiple times. Accidentally delete a file in your device? Keep a copy of your important files in our cloud where ONLY you can access and share with others whenever you want.

Share Any Files or Folders

You can share your files with anyone by just sharing a link – from photos and videos to zipped folders. Even if they don’t have an account with us. And unlike email attachments, you don’t have to worry about file size limits.

Access Anywhere

West Quay Offices Cloud Storage gives you secure and easy access to your files anytime and anywhere from any device. All you need is just a browser.You do not need to be in West Quay Offices.

Unlimited Full Control

West Quay Offices Cloud storage doesn't limit the number of files you store, so you don't have to choose which files are most important. Easily restore or view your files using a web browser from anywhere, and restore them whenever you need!

What Are The Benefits of Getting Cloud Storage From Us?

Easily store, access, and protect your data via the internet. You can streamline work and outdated storage systems by uploading nearly any file and accessing it from multiple devices. You can also rest easy knowing all your important data is backed up in a safe, off-site location. This is especially useful in times of disaster recovery and if your hard drive lets you down.

50 GB

$ 5 Monthly
  • Up to 50 GB storage, unlimited transfers.

200 GB

$ 10 Monthly
  • Up to 200 GB storage, unlimited transfers.

500 GB

$ 20 Monthly
  • Up to 500 GB storage, unlimited transfers.

1 TB

$ 30 Monthly
  • Up to 1 TB storage, unlimited transfers.

50 GB cloud storage is included for free in Coworking VIP Unlimited and Virtual Office Plus200 GB cloud storage is included in Private Office VIP. You still need to add the product to claim your complimentary cloud storage.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Have questions about how it works and what cloud storage is about? We would like to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions.

If you can think of any others, feel free to contact us and ask.

Have a question about cloud storage? Find the answer among these frequently asked questions.

Cloud Storage

  • What happens when my account is over my storage limit?

    When you exceed your storage limit, you will not be able to add more files to your account. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade to a larger storage.

  • Does this synch files in my computer?

    No, it won't. This is a drag and drop service. You need to choose files that you want to upload OR just drag and drop to an active browser window.

  • Is there a mobile application?

    No, there is no mobile application. Everything runs on browser, meaning you can launch a browser on your mobile devices. Login to your account and reach your files.

  • Can I password protect files?

    Yes, you can password protect each file.

  • Can I share my files?

    Yes, you can share your files and send notification emails to the receivers.

  • Can I add expiration time for the shared files?

    Yes, you can. This is strongly encouraged.

  • Why should I enable two-factor authentication (2FA)?

    Two-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification or 2FA) is a recommended security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to your West Quay Offices Cloud account. Enabling two-factor authentication means that Cloud will require a six-digit security code (in addition to your password) when you sign in to your account or link a new computer, phone, or tablet. Please note that two-factor authentication is merely an additional security layer.

  • Can I upload folders?

    Yes, you can. The same folder structure will be recreated in the cloud.

  • Can I password protect shared files and folders?

    Yes, you can protect them.

  • Can I share videos?

    Yes, you can. Videos have their own dedicated shared page and ability to play video directly on this page with the download button above.

  • Can I customize folder icons?

    Yes, you can. Set your favourite emoji to your folder as an icon and make our cloud storage more personal to you! If you are an apple user, you can switch between Apple emojis and Tweemojis from twitter.

  • Can I drag and drop files/folders?

    You can drag your files or folder to another folder seamlessly.

  • How can I login to my cloud account?

    Please visit 

    For this step, you must have your login information ready, which we provide you with.  

    This is separate from your login information that is used for the member portal.