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On-site Digital Signages and Kiosks

Make the most out of our meeting rooms. Find the most important information relating to the rooms in West Quay Offices through our digital signages and kiosks.

Booking Tablet

Booking your next meeting could not be easier

Of the various activities that occur daily in workspaces worldwide, meeting room bookings are the most frequent, and in West Quay Offices, booking process cold not be easier than this.

All of our meeting rooms and private kiosks have displays outside, You will be able to make instant bookings based on the real-time information displayed onscreen.

All the information you are looking for

When you are walking through the corridors of West Quay Offices, you will be able to quickly note whether a particular meeting room is available, or whether it has any free slots on your requested date.
Booking Tablet
Booking Tablet

An organized approach to booking

As well as being a source of information, using our displays will make the process of booking a resource so much easier for you.

A quicker and smoother experience for our “West Key Offices” Members, and this logical approach.

A new interaction in our coworking space as a whole a lot more efficient and enjoyable.


Smartest Coworking Space for Smart Bosses

  • See Availability

    With bold messaging on displays, you can clearly notice whether the resource is booked, or available for booking. You will be able to request a booking directly from the device’s touchscreen.

  • Highlight Amenities

    You can see all the amenities available for meeting rooms and order what you need or your meeting as well.

  • No Overlap

    When one meeting is about to end and another is about to start, a ‘next booking in X minutes’ message will appear on the screen, reducing the possibility of meetings running over on time and lessening disagreements among members.

  • Contactless Experience

    Members are also able to make bookings contactlessly by tapping their mobile devices on the display tablets. The meeting room will then appear as a push notification via our Passport mobile application, and it will be available for booking and to send to other attendees, who will receive an option to join virtually.