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Private Booths

Single-person private pods allow you to work in full concentration in your own space dedicated to you.

You can enjoy our lounge area, hot desks, meeting spaces, and community at any time. But there may be times you need to just focus your work in an isolated, dedicated space.

This is where our unique private booths kick in. If you need privacy or need to focus on your work, these are the best.

Private Booth Monitor

Dell HD monitor

Connect your laptop or mobile phone to the Dell HD Ultra Crisp monitor. USB-C cable is provided.

Private Booth Light Control

Adjust light

You can adjust light temperature and levels by a push of a button. Double-tab to set the lights to 50% level.

Private Booth Ac Plug

AC and USB outlets

Charge or power your devices. 2 AC and 2 x 5V 4.8A USB-A outlets are available.

Private Booth Hanger

Your personal hanger

You can hang your belongings inside and keep them in your space during your stay.

Woman Drinking Coffee in Coffeeshop

Gourmet Coffee

Good coffee is what keeps most of our brains fuelled and it is always fresh at West Quay Offices.


Personal Lockers

Our lockers allow us to spend more time doing the things we enjoy.


3G Wireless Internet

We provide 3 Gbps fiber internet connection. 2 backend lines offered as backup.

Single Private Booths

Easy Booking and Check-in

You can book private offices easily with the tablets hanging outside of each or just online.

These are not soundproof pods and are in a quiet location.

Therefore, please use 'Small Meeting Room' for online meetings.

Adjust temperature and level of lights with your mood!

Single Private Booth

/ day
PROMO: Complimentary with Day Access
If you purchased day access, needs additional booking after purchasing Day Access