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We provide you storage as well so you don't need to carry your stuff to home.

Why do You Need a Locker?

We all have such busy lives outside of work that we need to have a space for our belongings while working at West Quay Offices. Our lockers allow us to spend more time doing the things we enjoy; you don’t have to rush home after work to grab your things because they are locked away at our office.

  • Secure

    Locker area is always recorded with cameras and you will be provided with a lock.

  • Lock Your Unnecessary Stuff While Working

    Rather than carrying ll your stuff while working at our office, you can lock your unnecessary items in locker and work freely at our offices.

  • Your Don't Need to Carry Your Stuff Back Home

    You can always leave your stuff locked at our offices for the next day so you don't need to carry heavy ones back and forth home.

  • Leave to Lunch Without Your Stuff

    If you want sneak out for lunch, you can always lock your stuff and leave in style.

Replacing ‘Home Base’

One of the main concerns of agile working is that there is no ‘home base’ to keep all the belongings that would usually stay in the office. Some are hesitant to leave for a lunch break because they don’t want to lug their entire office around the city. With our lockers, you have the ability to securely store your belongings in a convenient secure location.

Private lockers to fit your laptop, charger, phone, corporate files etc. You can easily leave your stuff behind in our work space and keep your belongings safe.

Monthly Lockers are Complimentary on Coworking Plans

If you have membership to any of these plans:

  • Hybrid 5 Membership
  • Hybrid 10 Membership
  • Unlimited VIP Membership
  • Dedicated Desk Basic
  • Dedicated Desk Plus

Complimentary Monthly Locker



If Not, No Worries - Lockers can be added to any plan