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Coffee & Refreshments

While these are always FREE in West Quay Offices, we do offer more than that actually.

It is FREE!

It’s estimated that around the world, two billion cups of coffee are drunk every single day.

Good coffee is what keeps most of our brains fuelled, working from a local coffee shop can be a tempting choice for anyone working remotely. Coffee shops have a long history of inspiring creativity. JK Rowling famously wrote the first Harry Potter book from The Elephant House café in Edinburgh, while numerous literary greats from TS Eliot to Jack Kerouac claim to have written their best work from a humble coffee bar. However, If you need to focus on an important project, then the frequent comings and goings of customers, babies in buggies, and noise from coffee machines and smoothie makers could be distracting. There can also be security issues when using a public WiFi network. As the world forges ahead with the Working From Anywhere (WFA) concept, we bring you advantages of advanced and modern coworking facilities may bring to your life.

You have a full kitchen for your needs

We offer you a full kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, fridge, ice machine, water filter, cold water and utensils. All at your service if you need.

Frozen Slushy Drinks

Are you in need of a chilled and refreshing drink to cool you down. There are many cold drink options out there, but you want to get something different, maybe something slushy for a really hot day… Well, slushie is the perfect mix or treat during the hot summer or hot moments, and luckily new slushy machine in West Quay Offices have made it possible to make slushies for you in just minutes!

But what is Slushy?

A slush, also known as slushy or slushie, is ice made of different flavors. It is a beverage typically made of flavored ice crystals. Slushies are flavored frozen drinks made with ice crystals from a variety of flavors: strawberry, lemon, grape, etc. We will test all in West Quay Offices so stay tuned!

What are slushies made of?
Slushies are made by a mixture of sugar, flavor, and water.

Are slushies bad for you?
Slushies can also be referred to as juices. They’re not bad as they contain sugar that supplies Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to the brain to energize it – this can ease mental stress. However, it can be bad, health-wise, when you excessively consume alcohol or sugary slushies.

Cold Beverages

We are offering you cold beverages for all year round. We choose organic and no-sugar drinks for you:

  • Ice-tea
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Juice
  • Raspberry Juice
  • Raspberry Green Tea
  • Pine Apple Orange
Coffee and Refreshments

It is not just water... It is Ionizer...

Enjoy the technology of pure refreshment with ION™ Bottleless Water Cooler.

Be good to your body, and make the healthy choice to switch to ION, a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. With a simple press of a button, enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot, ambient or sparkling water.

Beyond A Working Space

Our meeting spaces and offices have everything taken care of-
Just focus on driving your business forward.