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Private Offices

For entrepreneurs that want to be a part of a coworking community without necessarily being out in the open, Private Offices are best of both worlds.

Though it can seem a little odd to desire a private office amid a coworking space, it’s actually become quite popular. You get all the benefits of coworking, such as networking, community, and sharing knowledge and jokes around the bean coffee maker, while still having a private area to take client meetings and important calls, or just hibernate with your laptop and coffee.

The beauty of a private office is that it’s, well… private. It’s also customizable, fully enclosed, and comes with a lock and key, so that no one can enter your space without an invitation.

Private offices are great for established companies as well as individuals, making them excellent for enhancing teamwork or getting your most important work done in peace and quiet. If you’re looking for an oasis of privacy amidst an active community, a private office in a coworking space may be just the ticket.

Super Charged Private Offices:

We offer amenities and extra features that you will never be able to find in any other Coworking spaces.

Some of these are already included in default plans and some comes as add-on to any plan and office you choose:

  • Business Adress

    Professional business address for your company is included,

  • 24/7 Access

    You can access your office anytime you want.

  • Electric Sit & Stand Desks

    All private offices are equipped with motorized sit and stand desks.

  • Ergonomic Chairs

    So you can work comfortable for hours.

  • Accounting, Billing and Online Payments Suite

    Manage your accounting, inventory, services, send invoices to your customers and let them pay you online by Credit Cards, PayPal and even Coins.

  • Cisco VoIP Phone

    Included 100 mins calling to Canada/US each month.

  • $200 Cash Credit

    You can use cash credit to book any meeting rooms.

  • 3000 Credit for Printer

    For your mono and color laser print jobs,

  • Website Builder & Hosting

    Your website can be ready in some minutes and hosted as long as you want.

  • Startup Business Planning Suite

    Business strategy and planning tool for masterminds like yourself. This web application is designed to help startup founders in West Quay Offices to plan their businesses.

  • Scanner & Fax Access

    ADF smart scanner with OCR scanning and unlimited Fax to Canada/US numbers.

  • 1.5 Gigabit Fiber Internet

    Direct ethernet jacks on walls for fastest internet or Mash 6 wi-fi hot spots all around.

  • Local & Toll Free Numbers

    Get a number of local, international and toll free numbers connected to any desks. We maintain all of it at our in-house infrastructure.

  • Epic Location

    Located on Esplanade West, West Quay Offices is 5-minutes walking distance away from Seabus terminal and Lonsdale Quay bus terminal

...and also...

It is not just office, when you are out of your private office so much waits for you

All Inclusive 5 Star Elegant Environment

Private Offices


























Coworking space is a community but you will have your private office to do some serious work!

Be the part of the community in your rules.

You focus on your work and making money, we will handle all admin work for you.

24/7 Access

You can access your private office 24/7 unlike our membership plans which are limited to business hours.

100% Privacy

Yes, networking and growing your circle is good. But sometimes you will need your privacy with your office.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

We would like to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions.

If you can think of any others feel free to contact us and ask?

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