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Visitor Management

Take control of who is allowed to visit your business and simplify your visitor management. Make sure that your visitors are aware of where they need to go and that you or the employee they have come to see are not keeping them waiting.

Registering Visitors Couldn’t Be Easier

We provide you with multiple easy ways to register incoming guests to your space, giving them the option to select the method that works best for them.

One option is to register visitors through the West Quay Offices Members’ Portal, the hub for everything happening in our office. As the primary hub for users to interact within our office, this is an easy-to-find method.

Alternatively, you can register your guests on our mobile application, Passport. You can add guests wherever you are, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with you. You are in full control!

West Quay Offices Mobile Application
Kiosk Visitor Registration

Simple Visitor Check-in

With our kiosks at the entrance, visitor check-in is quick and easy.

When visitors enter West Quay Offices, they can sign in by simply entering a unique 5-digit PIN, which will have been sent to them via email when you register your upcoming visitor through our portal or on our Passport mobile application.

Your visitors can enter the PIN number we sent or simply scan the QR code for entirely contactless access.

Not only is this a quick and easy solution, but it also reduces touch points and minimizes contact between visitors and our staff, making the whole experience safer and more hygienic for everyone.

Automated Notifications For Visitors and Hosts

West Quay Offices ensure communication between visitors and their hosts is as simple and manageable as possible. As soon as a visitor checks into your office, an email will automatically be sent to you notifying them of their guest’s arrival.

Not only will this email let you know the visitor’s details, but it will also include the specific location where the visitor checked in.

You can also reply directly to the email notifying you of the visitor’s arrival, and this reply will be redirected to the visitor’s email address, allowing for seamless communication between you two.