Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer free coffee?

    Yes, we do with our fresh coffee maker!

  • Do you provide computers?

    No you must bring your own computer. We offer desks, shared tables or a range of private offices able to accommodate 1-6 people. Everyone gets to use the kitchen, shared lounge spaces. Wifi, coffee, tea and water are included and we have lockers where you can keep your stuff if you’re a member. Meeting rooms are available to book and meeting room credits are included in some packages.

  • How far in advance shall I book my event?

    We recommend at least 72 hours in advance for simple events. If you plan to order catering, branding and any special preparation, 5 days minimum may do it.

  • Why should I host an on-site lunch at my workplace?

    Although more lavish corporate events can provide a big boost to morale, many companies can simply not afford to hold these types of events more than once a year. On-site lunches are a great alternative, allowing you to remind your employees that they’re valued all year round. If you are hosting clients, a professionally catered on-site lunch can show your clients that you mean business. West Quay Offices offer lunch solutions in budget which you should give a try.

  • Should my corporate event have a theme?

    The short answer is yes, with one major caveat: your theme does not have to turn your event into a theme party. In fact, most of the time that’s exactly the opposite of the atmosphere you’re trying to create. While a western theme might be great for a company picnic, it would hardly be appropriate for a product promotion (in most cases). When we say that every event should have a theme, we mean there should be a clear idea of the purpose of every event, which informs the theme. The food, décor, entertainment, and every other element of your corporate event should be in the service of the event’s purpose. These elements combine to form your corporate event theme.

  • What is the difference between employee events and promotional events?

    In many ways, employee events and promotional events are similar. Your goal is ultimately to keep your guests entertained and satisfied, thereby showing them that they were right to be involved with your company. However, we bring a unique spin to each and every event we plan. Product launch and branding events need to showcase your company and the unique product(s) you offer, whereas employee appreciation events are about team building as much as anything else.

  • How are on-site lunches different from just ordering in?

    Our on-site lunches are catered fresh and prepared to serve at your office. Unlike takeout food, our catered lunches are guaranteed to still be hot when you sit down to eat.

  • What are our food options for on-site lunches?

    The catering menu for our on-site lunches includes everything we offer for corporate dinners, and every other type of event we plan. For corporate lunches, our most popular items include fresh salads, succulent meat sandwiches, hot dogs, sushi, and delicious sides.

  • Should I throw a holiday party at West Quay Offices?

    The decision to throw a holiday party is up to every business, but you should know that about 80 percent of north American businesses do throw holiday parties of some kind. The holidays can be a stressful time for employees, so throwing a party at this time of year can be a much needed relief. Also, in the spirit of giving that comes with the season, showing your employees a good time is a great way to show you care.

  • What Are Some Good Holiday Party Ideas?

    It starts with delicious food and drinks, continues with world-class entertainment, and ends with your employees thanking you for a fantastic time.

  • Why should I hold a branding or promotional corporate event?

    A solid marketing plan is oftentimes the key to success in the business world. When you want to launch a new product, open a new location, or simply remind the world about your business, a promotional or branding event can be just what you’re looking for. It can generate public interest in whatever you’re promoting and, when done right, will leave a lasting positive impression on your potential customers.

  • What are some good promotional event ideas?

    It depends on the nature of your event, specifically the product or service that you’re trying to promote. A new brand of liquor might call for a swinging cocktail party, while a new line of kids’ clothes will call for something that’s fun for the whole family. But the focus should always be on your promotion.

  • What is the best way to throw a branding event?

    Branding is one of the most important parts of any marketing plan. Branding events should specially designed to keep your brand front and center. Once you decide on what elements you want at your promotional event, we’ll make sure your brand is visible everywhere.

  • Why should I have an employee appreciation event?

    Showing your employees isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also good for business. Employee appreciation events show your workers how much you care, leading to higher employee satisfaction. This translates to higher retention rates and increased productivity. These type of events also tend to foster a more pleasant work environment for everyone, including you.

  • How Do I Improve my Team Building Efforts?

    An employee appreciation event can be a great opportunity for team building. Some events are exclusively thrown for team building purposes, while others work team building games into the overall day.

  • What are some good grand opening ideas?

    When it comes to throwing a grand opening, the key is to impress your potential customers to keep them coming back for more. After we know a little more about what makes your business special, we can come up with the best grand opening ideas you’ve ever seen.

  • What are the benefits of having a business open house?

    Restaurants and retailers pretty much have to have a grand opening to announce that they are open for business. But what if you are in a service-oriented industry? An open house can be a great way to let the public know who you are and what you can offer them. Businesses as diverse as dental offices, print shops, and hair salons can all benefit from the publicity an open house can bring.

  • What are some good corporate open house ideas?

    A good corporate open house should showcase your business and the people who make it work. That generally means shying away from flashier entertainment pieces and extravagant meals. Instead, you want to focus on making your business look presentable and making sure potential customers can park easily. Some tasteful decorations can also let people know that there is something to see here. Hiring a professional event planner can help you make sure that your open house is a success by handling the logistics and decorations that can make or break this type of corporate event.

  • Can I Choose Music During My Event?

    Of course you can. Please let us know your Spotify list to play OR provide us a USB stick with the mp3 music you want us to play. We are sorry that we cannot accept exlcipit music songs to play.

  • How can I use 4K TV you offer during my event for presentation?

    The easiest way is just hand us what you want to play on a USB stick and we can plug on TV. Videos needs to be MP4 (H.264 codec) HD (1920px x 1080px) or 4K/Ultra HD (3840px x 2160px). The more bandwidth is always better but around 4,000 would be sufficient.

    Or you can just broadcast from your laptop or mobile device directly to TV.

  • Do you serve liquor?

    Yes, we can serve liquor during your event if you want.

  • Can I do events on weekends?

    Yes, especially holiday parties, special events or events that participants will be more than 30+ people should be on weekends or after 5 PM during weekdays.

  • I am a member, do I need to pay for events with my staff who are members as well?

    As we are talking for a dew people no more than dozen, You so not need to pay extra for event space during business hours. You can just order any extras you may need like catering.

  • I am a member, do I need to pay for event space?

    If you are inviting more than 1 visitors, doing event in evening or on weekends, yes you need to reserve space. Don’t forget that you have a member discount allways!

  • Do you notify my invited visitors to my event?

    Yes, all invited visitors to event need to be registered by yourself and they will get invite emails and still need to register themselves on kiosk on entrance. You will also be notified when they arrive to our work space.

General Questons
  • Do you offer free coffee?

    Yes, we do with our fresh coffee maker!

  • Do you provide computers?

    No you must bring your own computer. We offer desks, shared tables or a range of private offices able to accommodate 1-6 people. Everyone gets to use the kitchen, shared lounge spaces. Wifi, coffee, tea and water are included and we have lockers where you can keep your stuff if you’re a member. Meeting rooms are available to book and meeting room credits are included in some packages.

Private Offices
  • Do you offer free coffee?

    Yes, we do with our fresh coffee maker!

  • Do you provide computers?

    No you must bring your own computer. We offer desks, shared tables or a range of private offices able to accommodate 1-6 people. Everyone gets to use the kitchen, shared lounge spaces. Wifi, coffee, tea and water are included and we have lockers where you can keep your stuff if you’re a member. Meeting rooms are available to book and meeting room credits are included in some packages.

  • Do you have meeting rooms available for meetings?

    Yes, we do. You can book them additionally or choose a bundle that includes some hours each month. Check our meeting rooms in here.

Virtual Offices
  • What is a virtual office?

    A virtual office provides office support services to small business owners and other business professionals without the overhead of employing administrative support staff and/or leasing office space. Virtual office packages can vary but typically offer administrative staff, telephone answering services, business support services, and the occasional use of a physical business address.

    Telephone calls and mail received at your virtual office location can either be stored on-site in your dedicated voicemail or physical mailbox or forwarded to another business location or private residence. Meeting facilities are also available for use at My Annapolis Office for our virtual office clients.

    Virtual office services through West Quay Offices provide the benefits of Class A office space without the need for you to physically be there. Our courteous virtual office assistants will handle your telephone calls professionally using your specific business name and seamlessly patch them through to you so you’ll never miss a call.

    Additionally, you will be provided 24-hour remote access to your voicemail with your dedicated virtual office phone number.

  • What are the benefits of a virtual office?

    Virtual offices offer a wide range of benefits as they can help a business win more clients by improving the company’s reputation, save time and money, and increase productivity. In addition, they offer support for scaling, as a business can easily shrink or expand according to the workflow. 

    For example, they make a business appear more legitimate because the services that they provide make clients and customers believe that the company operates from a specific location. Also, virtual offices save a company’s money because business owners do not have to pay high overhead costs, such as bond, rent, equipment, IT services, or high employee costs. They save a company’s time as well because managers and employees do not have to travel or commute to an office to work. Remote work increases productivity as it allows them to live a healthier work-life balance and enjoy a stress-free work environment. 

    And last but not least, they offer unlimited access to top talent, meaning that managers can recruit and hire the finest talents in the world to work remotely for their businesses.

  • Who typically uses a virtual office?

    Virtual offices provide benefits to just about any business professional. Whether you are a start-up business looking to minimize expenses, a government official looking for a presence with support services outside of Victoria, or a more established entity looking to expand your business in the Vancouver, BC market, a virtual office could be the ideal solution for you. Virtual offices are a cost-effective way of creating a business presence while deciding if a physical presence or full-time office support is necessary and can greatly increase speed to market for a new business. Virtual offices can be used for a variety of things including business mailing addresses, branch offices, or as a professional meeting place.

  • As a virtual office client of West Quay offices, will I also have access to physical office place?

    Yes. As a virtual office client of West Quay Offices, you can enjoy up to 40 hours of day office on our premium virtual office plans, meeting room, and meeting usage per month. A virtual office with West Quay Offices is the perfect solution for when you need access to a private office on occasion, but not daily. At any point, if you determine that you’d like a more permanent solution, you can upgrade from a virtual office package to a full-time office package and keep your virtual office telephone number and business address.

    West Quay Offices’ day office and meeting rooms are fully furnished and equipped with high-speed Internet and complimentary US/Canada long distance calling. We can even provide clerical support services while you are using your office.

  • Will I get access to meeting rooms if I need?

    Virtual Offices at West Quay Offices do provide access to meeting rooms and conference rooms. In addition to your new professional business address, live telephone answering service, and reception services, you can enjoy anywhere from 16 to 40 hours per month in a day office, private meeting room, or our professional business lounge with your virtual office. And you can book your space anytime you want online or contact your My Annapolis Office staff to book it for you.

  • How West Quay Offices will handle my virtual office telephone line?

    If you are unable to answer a phone call, the virtual office phone auto-attendant at West Quay Offices will direct your callers to your individual voicemail box. You can access your voicemail box 24 hours per day / 7 days per week to retrieve your messages or have your voicemail messages emailed to you, allowing you to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. Let West Quay Offices keep you connected wherever you are with a virtual office phone package.

  • How does call forwarding work with a virtual office?

    As a customer of West Quay Offices, you define how you would like your telephone calls managed by our virtual office receptionist. Our state-of-the-art telephone system presents the virtual office receptionist with a scripted greeting which allows the receptionist to answer your call using the name of your business and then seamlessly patch your calls through to your specified number — whether it’s your home phone, a cell phone for when you’re on the road, or a central office phone.

  • Why choose a virtual office with West Quay Offices?

    A virtual office solution from West Quay Offices can provide several of the benefits of full-time office space at a fraction of the cost. Our virtual offices not only provide you with a prestigious business address but virtual office receptionist services with telephone answering services in the name of your business.

    Your personal virtual office number is equipped with seamless call patching so you’ll never miss a call and 24-hour remote access to voicemail with optional voicemail to email service. Keep your virtual office active and you’ll never need to worry about changing your business address or phone number in the event that you expand or relocate. Our service will follow you wherever you go.

  • Is a virtual office a physical space?

    A virtual office isn’t a full-time workspace for your business. With our virtual office packages, you register your business at West Quay Offices and your company benefits from having a prestigious address in a leading location. All our business addresses belong to real workplaces.

    If you need a physical space to work, you can choose a virtual office package and work there whenever you want. With our Virtual Office Plus package, you can work from an office or coworking desk for some days days each month.

    Alternatively, our office or coworking membership give you access to a private office or coworking desk as often as you need.

  • How often will my mail be forwarded?

    With our mail-forwarding service, you can choose to receive your mail daily, weekly, or monthly, rather than collecting your mail in person.

  • Will my calls answered with my company name?

    We or yourself can program auto-attendant welcome message however you like. The calls can be transferred to your personal or mobile phone. Or they can be directed to your voice mail.

  • Who should I use a virtual office service?

    A virtual office provides several of the amenities of a traditional office without the cost associated with a full-time office. Virtual office packages are flexible and can adjust to meet your specific needs at any given point in time. Our virtual office packages are designed to grow with you as your business grows.

  • Can I have a virtual office if I am not a Canada Citizen?

    Yes. We can also have mail forwarded overseas if needed for an additional charge.

  • Do I have to live in Vancouver area to utilize your virtual offices?

    No. We have clients who live all over the country and international who have virtual offices with us here in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • Do your virtual offices have phone service?

    We do offer phone services to all virtual clients, either for an additional charge or included in some packages.

  • Do you have a mail forwarding process?

    We offer mail forwarding to all our virtual office clients. We receive your mail here at our office and forward it to the address of your choice. Postage is calculated per month and charged in addition to your monthly fee. Some clients in the area prefer to stop by our office and pick up their mail, which is always an option.

    We also have mail scanning and sending to you electronically service.

  • Does the program include local phone and fax numbers?

    Yes. When signing up for the program online, you will have the opportunity to choose local phone and fax numbers which will be associated with your company.

    You can also transfer your old number if you want.

  • Can I use my existing company phone number?

    Yes, there are 2 ways you are able to keep your existing company phone number:

    1. By setting up call forwarding from your current carrier to the phone number you choose with West Quay Offices (this process works instantly).
    2. By porting your current company phone number from your existing carrier to West Quay Offices (this process takes 5 to 10 business days).
  • Can I use my West Quay Offices location as my corporate mailing address?

    Yes, you may choose any of our location as your corporate mailing address but as each address needs to be unique for best social media benefits, we will provide you a unique number combined with our address.

    We also provide a mail forwarding service, where we can forward your mail to a designated address for the benefit of your privacy.

  • What is a virtual office?

    A virtual office is a flexible and affordable office that a company can rent monthly as an alternative to a physical office. Virtual offices provide a company with a business address and many other significant benefits but without the company working physically from that office space.

    For example, we offer a permanent landline, mail forwarding service, secure business mailbox, virtual receptionist, etc. The only difference is that the services included in a virtual office are based on modern technology and come in “virtual form”, meaning that a company that uses them will have the appearance of a professional business while operating remotely (not on the premises).

    Therefore, businesses that use a virtual office allow managers and employees to work from anywhere in the world (a home office, a café, or any other place) while customers, clients, and suppliers believe that the company is located at a specific address (where are actually located the premises of the virtual office provider).  

  • Do you have meeting rooms available for meetings?

    Yes, we do. You can book them additionally or choose a bundle that includes some hours each month. Check our meeting rooms in here.

VoIP/Virtual Phones
  • Is it possible to transfer my number from another carrier?

    If you already have one or more phone numbers with another provider, West Quay Offices offers you the option of porting them all to our network. Most local and toll- free numbers from Canada and United States are portable, while international numbers have more limited availability.

    Please contact us to find out if your number is portable. You should also check with your current phone provider to make sure they will allow you to port your number to a new carrier.

  • How I am billed for my 1-800 number?

    The billing of your toll-free number depends on the country in which your number is based (the United States or Canada).

    For a US toll-free number, there is a monthly charge of $5 and a rate of $0.080 per minute for inbound calls.

    For a Canadian toll-free number, there is a monthly charge of $5 and a rate of $0.10 per minute for inbound calls.

  • Can I have several of my devices ring at the same time?

    Yes. With the Ring Group feature, you can have incoming calls redirected to multiple destinations included in your Ring Group, where a member of the group is able to answer. When a call is placed with your virtual number routed to a Ring Group, all members of that group will ring at the same time until the call is answered by one of them.

    The maximum number of members in a Ring Group is twelve.

  • Can I use a VoIP phone the same way as a regular phone?

    Due to the nature of the VoIP technology, a VoIP phone is capable of working just like a regular phone and even more, which means that you can place a call anywhere around the world on any mobile device(e.g., laptop computer, cell phone or tablet) carrying your same number at a much lower rate than you would pay if calling from a regular landline.

    Furthermore, you use the same dialing format as you would from a regular phone to make calls. One of the great advantages of VoIP technology is that it enables free calls in many different ways by making use of each provider’s internal network capabilities.

  • Do you offer Fax service?

    We offer a virtual fax feature. This feature can be used with special fax numbers, which can be acquired and configured through our Fax Portal for customers in the United States and Canada. It is also possible to transfer your current voice number or a number from another provider into our virtual fax service.

    Note: This service can only be used to send faxes within the United States and Canada at this time. We cannot guarantee that international faxes will be properly received. Virtual fax numbers cannot receive regular voice calls or SMS messages—only faxes.

  • Do you offer SMS service?

    We do offer SMS service (currently in beta). SMS is available for a great number of DIDs and cities across the United States and Canada. It must be used through the SMS Portal.

    SMS is not available through the SIP protocol at this time

  • Do you offer telephone numbers in other area codes?

    Yes. VoIP offers a vast range of telephone numbers in many different area codes. Simply access the Customer Portal to see a list of available numbers.

    This solution is often preferred by customers who wish to make calls to or receive calls from customers, friends or family members living in different cities without incurring long-distance charges or for businesses that wish to have a local presence in many cities.

  • Do you Support e911?

    We offer E911 service only for US and Canadian numbers including US and Canadian toll-free numbers. This feature can be activated directly in the Customer Portal by accessing the E911 page from the DID numbers menu.

  • Do you support international 911?

    No. At the moment, we do not support emergency 911 dialing outside of the United States and Canada. We recommend using a traditional landline or your mobile phone to make emergency calls when you travel abroad.

  • How do you bill for forwarded calls?

    Forwarded calls are billed according to two different segments: inbound and outbound. When you forward your calls to a number, the inbound segment of the call is charged according to the billing plan you selected, and the outbound segment of the call is charged according to our per-minute rates for termination, depending on the destination of the call, for the same duration as the inbound segment.

  • Is it possible to transfer my number from another carrier?

    If you already have one or more phone numbers with another provider, we offer you the option of porting them all to our network. Most local and toll- free numbers from the United States and Canada are portable, while international numbers have more limited availability.

    Please contact us to find out if your number is portable. You should also check with your current phone provider to make sure they will allow you to port your number to a new carrier.

  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    We do not charge cancellation fees of any kind. You are free to cancel your account or number at any time.

  • What is a call queue?

    Call queues are specifically designed to manage incoming calls. By setting up a call queue, you can have many callers wait on the line until an agent is available to take their call. If you configure an auto-attendant for your telephone number, you can make it so that callers first hear a welcome message and interact with a voice menu before being sent to the call queue.

    The Call Queue feature allow users to customize their call queues to play pre-recorded messages about their company, music or advertisements for callers while they are on hold.

    Various ring strategies can be established to determine routing patterns for each call queue, such as Ring All (ring all available agents), Round Robin (distributes calls as evenly as possible), Least Recent (sends the call to the agent who least recently received a call), Fewest Calls (routes to the agent who has taken the fewest total calls in the session) and Random (leave it up to chance).

  • What is a Toll-Free number?

    Toll-free numbers are special numbers that are designed to allow callers to reach certain numbers (often long-distance) without having to pay long-distance charges.

    These numbers are mostly used by companies who wish to allow their customers to call them for free no matter where they are located.

    There are several toll-free area codes, namely 800, 866, 888, 844 and 855. They all work the same way, but the choice of prefix depends on the businesses advertising strategy.

    Traditionally, 800 numbers have been used for television and radio advertisements, but other prefixes like 888, 866 and 855 are gaining popularity.

  • What is Call Forwarding?

    Call Forwarding allows users to redirect incoming calls to another phone number or to a mobile device such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. Numbers can be forwarded to any number around the world.

    With call forwarding, you can program your phone, Customer Portal or VoIP software to automatically forward calls to your preferred mobile device (cell phone, laptop, softphone, etc.) or to any number capable of accepting calls.

  • What is Callback?

    With this feature, you can set a number for our system to call back in order to receive a dial tone and place outgoing calls through our network. This is useful if you want to make a long-distance call from outside of your calling area or if you don’t have a VoIP device readily available.

    When a DID is set up with the Callback feature, calls that are placed to this DID return a busy signal, and the system calls back the specified number and provides the user with a dial tone to place an outgoing call.

  • What is Caller ID Filtering?

    Caller ID Filtering allows you to filter incoming calls based on their origin (such as private, anonymous or unknown numbers or area codes).

    For example, if you receive unwanted calls from a telemarketer or survey company, you can set up a filter for each of your DIDs to route those calls to voicemail, play a pre-recorded message or simply disconnect the call.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you can give preferential treatment to your favorite customers and route their calls to provide them with a fully customized experience

  • What is caller ID or CID?

    Caller ID is a telephone feature that transmits a caller’s phone number to the call recipient’s phone. Where available, the caller ID number can be supplemented with the caller’s name (e.g., John Smith).

    There are two types of caller ID: caller ID number (CID) and caller ID name (CNAM). The caller’s phone number and subscriber information may vary depending on the location and the information on record with the carrier.

  • What is CNAM?

    CNAM stands for caller ID name, which is the information that will be displayed on the call recipient’s phone when you place an outgoing call. If you will be making calls to Canadian numbers, you can simply pass the caller ID name from your device or system, as most of them support this.

    For calls to the United States, the caller ID name works differently.

    In this case, it is controlled by a national CNAM database with records of numbers and names matching each number. We can update the CNAM database upon request.

  • What is DID?

    Simply put, a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number is a virtual number that works just like a regular phone number, except for the fact that it is not attached to any POTS line (landline). Once your configuration is ready, you can be reached at your DID number from anywhere in the world, just like any other phone number.

  • What is IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

    IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a telephone technology that works just like a virtual receptionist. With this technology, inbound callers interact with a voice menu using their telephone keypad or by speech recognition in order to be connected with the proper person, extension or department.

    This allows customers to get the information they need without having to wait to speak with an agent.

  • What is PBX or IP PBX?

    PBX means Private Branch Exchange. Basically, it is a telephone exchange system that manages a company’s incoming and outgoing calls and manages internal communications between employees.

    The advantage of a PBX is that you can equip your system with more phones than physical phone lines. It also provides a vast range of features such as call waiting, voicemail, three-way calling, call forwarding and other, more advanced features such as call queues and interactive voice menus.

    As for IP PBX, it is a software-based PBX phone system solution that allows remote or mobile employees to connect to the company phone system or voicemail, no matter where they are, as long as there is an Internet connection.

    If you have multiple private offices in West Quay Offices and you want to connect with other staff on different rooms. This is the service you may need.

  • What is Phonebook?

    The Phonebook feature allows you to configure up to 500 Phonebook entries with caller ID name (CNAM) overrides and up to 99 speed-dial codes for those entries.

    For example, you can create a four-digit Phonebook entry to call your favorite customers or relatives. Additionally, you can use a caller ID name (CNAM) override to identify inbound calls from important customers, regardless of whether their number is registered to a proper CNAM central database.

    Phonebook entries are also available with our Virtual Fax and SMS features. When sending from both features, the system will instantly show you the available entries to choose from as soon as you begin to input a name or number from the Phonebook. When you receive messages, the system will match the caller’s information to the name you have configured in the Phonebook.

  • What is the difference between E911 and traditional 911?

    Standard 911 emergency services send the user’s information through traditional landlines directly to the nearest emergency response center.

    Enhanced 911 or E911 service allows mobile phones to dial 911 to automatically transmit the caller’s geographic position to emergency responders. With VoIP, however, 911 calls are forwarded to a third-party service provider that is required to automatically or manually route 911 calls to emergency response centres.

    Therefore, it is vital for VoIP telephony users to keep their phone system’s location information up to date with their VoIP provider at all times. Because it works with an Internet connection, your phone number is not automatically linked to your new address when you move to another location.

  • What type of telephone numbers do you offer?

    There are different types of telephone numbers. They are mostly differentiated by their geographic presence. The types of telephone numbers most commonly used by our customers include:

    • Local numbers from the United States or Canada
    • International telephone numbers
    • Toll-free numbers
  • Do you accept auto-dialers or telemarketing traffic?

    We do not accept the use of our termination (outbound) services for telemarketing purposes (including but not limited to automated dialers, call centers and collection agencies).

  • Can I port out my number?

    If you wish to port out a number from our service, you may do so at any time by initiating the porting request with the new provider. We authorize all port-out requests matching the correct information from your account.

  • Can I access and configure voicemail through my phone or on the Customer Portal?

    You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes on the Customer Portal. You can assign a voicemail to each VoIP user and have them configure it to their liking for when they are unavailable to take a call, or you can route the calls according to your needs.

  • Can I call any phone number or just VoIP numbers?

    You can call any number, including mobile phones, landlines and other VoIP numbers.

  • Can I order a number outside of my residence area?

    Yes, you can order a number from any available location, no matter where you are located. This number can be used anywhere in the world and will be considered local for the callers in the number’s area (i.e., a number from New York will be considered local for New York callers, even if you are physically located in Canada).

  • Can I use my existing device with VoIP?

    Basically, any device or system that supports the SIP or IAX2 protocol will work with our service. If you bring your device (ATA, IP phone) from a previous provider, make sure that it is unlocked and that you are able to make changes to its configuration.

  • Do you offer voicemail?

    Yes. West Quay Offices have an Advanced Voicemail feature that is free to use, and you also have the option to forward your messages to your email address as an attachment.

  • How many messages can I store in my mailbox?

    The total number of voicemail messages allowed in a single mailbox is 100.

  • What is the maximum length of a voicemail message?

    The maximum length a voicemail message is three minutes.

  • Will my calls answered with my company name?

    We or yourself can program auto-attendant welcome message however you like. The calls can be transferred to your personal or mobile phone. Or they can be directed to your voice mail.

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