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Phone Booths

Privacy meets productivity with our newly upgraded sound-proof phone booths.

Step inside to dial in, think out loud, and dream up what’s next. This is the room where it all happens.

  • Sound Proof

    Sound insulation made from recycled materials to tune out the office noise.

  • Built-in Desk

    Desk to give you a simple space for your big ideas.

  • Counter Height Chair

    You can sit comfortably during your communications.

  • Motion Sensor

    Smart sensor activates the LED light, helping you stay energy efficient.

  • Power Outlets

    Two outlets keep you powered up for every charged work session.

Our phone booths are a small-footprint, private, soundproofed area in our open office environment for private phone calls and video conference meetings. Our phone booths are engineered with varying qualities and densities of soundproofing materials that work to block office noise and distractions from entering the enclosed space.
Adjust temperature and level of lights with your mood!

Our phone booth features layers of soundproofing material that block sound from travelling into and out of the booth, a thick layer of sound-absorbing materials that work to absorb internal echoes and enhance speech intelligibility, and 100% natural breathable wool and no-dye-added acoustic felt, which provide natural sound insulation. This means you can still have comfortable levels of good conversations with your colleagues and business partners without the claustrophobic feeling of being in a sound-deprived chamber.

Our phone booths are designed to be used for short amounts of time and allow us to free up unnecessary overuse of our small meeting room, which tend to be used for individual meetings over 40% of the time.