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Hot Desks

Hot desking is a workplace system where members use available desks at different times on a first-come, first-served basis. Hot desking maximize space utilization, improve desk efficiency, and cost efficient for most people.

Why a Hot Desk?

Hotdesking provides benefits to both team members and employers. However, benefits change depending on how you use hot desks.
  • Cost Effective

    Reducing working costs is a primary advantage. With hot desks in place, you can maximize the use of existing office space, limit the number of assigned desks from the floor plan, and these allow us to bring cheaper prices for coworking and hot desks.

  • Better Relationships

    Hot desking gives team members the chance to work alongside colleagues they may not see otherwise. This can help strengthen existing relationships, forge new connections, promote teamwork.

  • Improved Collaboration

    Hot desks can improve efficiency and collaboration in the workplace. If there are five departments working on a project, having a flexible work environment with a hot desking model can allow projects to be ramped up and down quickly as needs change, without the need to add more real-estate space.

  • Efficiency

    Members don’t need to book hot desks in advance, which makes it easier for members to simply sit down, plug in, and get to work.

  • Hybrid Work Flexibility

    Hot desking makes hybrid and flexible working easier. By providing unassigned flexible seating on a first-come, first-served basis, members can show up and get to work without the hassle of booking desks in advance or adhering to set usage schedules.

  • Member Satisfaction

    Empowerment in the workplace can have a huge impact on member satisfaction. Hot desking allows members to choose where they sit, providing more member choice and autonomy.

  • Workplace Cleanliness

    Hot desking helps members focus on work, without the distraction of a cluttered office desk. It also demands members leave desks clean, as they may not return to the same desk.

We Have A Spot For Every One

Work Booths

Lounge Area Booths

These booths offer comfort and privacy at the center of our lounge area.

Private Office at West Quay Offices

Dedicated Desks

A quiet and private space. You can book one anytime if you need more private space than hot desks.

Lounge Area

Hot Desks

High sitting and working on our lounge area with comfortable chairs.

Large Meeting Room

Large & Small Meeting Rooms

Anytime you need for your meetings. Available for 4 to 8 people.

Private Booth

Private Single Booths

We have 4 of these located in quiet side of our office. If you need to full isolation and focus your work, these are the best!

Round Tables

Round Tables

We have 5 round tables in south of our lounge area. You may use work working and for your meetings,

There is Something For Every Budget

We have many possibilities for every budget and every business. There is a plan that will start your next enterprise.

Pay As You Go

Starting at:


Starting at:

Dedicated Desks

Your own reserved desk:

Private Offices

Starting at:

Make your hot desk bookings from our floor plan

Floor plans make it easier for you or your team not just to visualize the space as a whole, but each bookable desk, and will help inform your decisions on making reservations.

You can see highlights of the space and what is included in your bookings.

Return to your workspace with piece of mind

Our floorplan shows real-time occupancy, allowing users to see how busy our office is, and giving them the power to decide where to sit so that they are as comfortable as possible. Users can also check into desks using tablets and scan barcodes around our workplace with their mobile phones.

Hot Desks
Hot Desks

See all the features while booking

We know that when making bookings for desks, visual aids can be hugely beneficial in helping users make a more informed decision.

Users are able to filter desks according to specific features, allowing them to pick a desk or work area with all the features they require.

Booking can also be made from tablets all around

Most of our booking resources have tablets in front of or attached to the source. You can book these resources in our mobile application and web site. You can also book these resources using the tablets. These tablets will also show if the resource is busy at that moment and when it will be free.

Small Meeting Room