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Shared Team Folders

A team folder is a powerful tool for sharing documents with your team. Team folders are available to West Quay Offices members and served through our local server at the office.

What Is Shared Folder?

The shared folders are used for organizing the documents and business objects of multiple users. Information that is required for group projects and other teamwork. In other words, information that is to be made accessible to several employees can be managed here.

In this way, it is possible to allow either all users or only a defined group of users access to the same information in a folder in shared folders. Depending on this usage type, a distinction is made between client folders and group folders. Access to the folders can also be varied according to whether the information is to be used for publication only or whether it is to be processed further. To do this, different access authorizations to a folder can be assigned.

Users can access the shared folders from their local computer as a network drive. The shared folder will be the root folder, and you can organize hierarchical structures.

Shared folders can contain other shared folders, documents, and distribution lists. All documents, object folders, and distribution lists relating to one project or topic can be stored in a corresponding folder, including subfolders if required. The following figure shows how shared folders can be arranged.

Keep your Projects On Track with Shared Team Folders

Team Shared Folders are a powerful file collaboration feature that help centralize your data. Your team gets instant access to the same documents, folders, and files, right from their desktop computers, mobile devices, and the web.

  • Keep everything organized, all in one place

    Team Shared Folders give your team a single place to store and access shared files. In fact, it doesn’t just stop at one folder. By creating Team Folders for different groups, departments, people, or projects, your entire company will be always organized.

  • Keep projects on track

    Unsurprisingly, collaborating on large-scale projects can get complicated. There’s always a massive amount of content being created, updated, and shared by many. How do you keep track of it all?

  • Security and access controls for better compliance

    Ensure the right people have access to the right files by applying granular permissions at both the user and folder level.

  • Start collaborating today

    Take your team’s collaboration to the next level with our shared team folders.

  • Secure your data and privacy

    Share your documents with your team in a trusted environment. Stop sending your files on emails, or USB sticks to your team members. If you need privacy and don't expose your data, this is the most secure solution you need.

Features & Benefits

A successful business relies heavily on smooth information sharing and effective knowledge management within an organization. 

A successful business relies heavily on smooth information sharing and effective knowledge management within an organization

Shared team folders are available as an add-on for Coworking, Private Office and Dedicated Desk members.

250 GB Local Team Folder

/ month

500 GB Local Team Folder

/ month

1 TB Local Team Folder

/ month