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Virtual Online Meeting Rooms

Makes sure your team and clients can stay connected even when working remotely.

Complimentary Video Conferencing Solutions for All West Quay Offices Members!

Go ahead and video chat with the whole team. In fact, invite everyone you know. Our virtual meeting rooms are a fully encrypted video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free — with no account needed.

Online meetings can be booked and hosted through our Members’ Portal, without the need to download any additional software. You can also have always-on video rooms, allowing for ad hoc communication with your team and clients, so people can stay in the loop even if they are not physically in West Quay Offices.

Packed with premium features

Yep, it’s free — and it’s technologically advanced, too. In fact, our virtual rooms:

Sounds better

thanks to HD audio with Opus

Is anonymous

No need for an account, ever!

Keeps conversations private

with encryption by default (and advanced security settings)

This service allows you to connect with people through online meetings as well as in always-on virtual rooms that keep teams together regardless of where members are.

Always-on virtual rooms

Keep your team connected, wherever they are, with always-on virtual rooms for teams, individuals, and your community as a whole.

Easy Meetings

Book and host virtual meetings directly from the Members’ Portal, with no need for users to download any additional software.

Free for Members

Our virtual meeting rooms are complimentary to all West Quay Offices members.

Complimentary Video Conferencing

The best video conferencing solution for businesses of any size. Fully secure, reliable, packed with features and ridiculously simple to use.
Join for FREE, upgrade any time!

Frequently Asked Questions?

We would like to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions.

If you can think of any others feel free to contact us and ask?

Have a question about our services? Find the answer among these frequently asked questions.

Virtual Online Meeting Rooms

  • What are virtual rooms?

    Virtual rooms are videoconference links that you can use to have online meetings. You can think of it as a virtual meeting room that you can use at all times to have a quick chat or present your ideas to others.

  • Is this service free?

    Yes, it is completely free for Wesy Quay Offices Members with a Membership plan. Click here to become a Member.

  • Is this better than Zoom?

    Our virtual rooms and Zoom are two different online meeting tools. Zoom is better suited for larger meetings, while our tool is a good choice for teams that prioritize customer- and client-facing communications.

  • Does an online meeting have a time limit?

    No, there are no time limits for our virtual rooms.

  • Do I need to install new software to use online meeting rooms?

    No, you don't. You can use our online meeting rooms on the Members' Portal or on our Passport mobile application.

  • Does the non-member I invite to an online meeting need to install any software?

    Our virtual rooms require no downloads or software installations. It can be accessed through a web browser, making it convenient for users to join meetings from any device.

  • Are virtual rooms private?

    There are two kinds of virtual rooms: 

    Public room is for all West Quay Offices members. Any West Quay Offices member can join these rooms, and you can see who is online in the room itself. 

    Private room is your own room, and anyone you invite can access it.

  • How do I join a meeting?

    People can invite each other to our online meeting rooms by simply sending a link. If you have received such an invite link from a trusted source, copy it into your browser's address bar and press Enter / Return. Your browser may first ask you to grant microphone and/or camera access.

  • Can I mute and unmute other participants?

    If you are the moderator of a conference, you can mute everyone's microphone. You cannot unmute other people's microphones, and they can unmute their microphones at any time. 

    You may want to set some "ground rules" for who can talk and when, just as with any physical meeting or classroom.

  • Where are my virtual online meeting rooms in the Members’ Portal?

    You can access your own virtual meeting rooms by accessing Members' Portal -> Community -> Virtual Rooms.

  • Where are my virtual online meeting rooms in Passport mobile application?

    You can access your online virtual rooms by clicking on the Community icon at the bottom. There you will see the Virtual Rooms.

  • Do you record online virtual rooms?

    No, we do not record your online meetings.

  • How do I join virtual rooms?

    All you need to do is click Join in, and you'll automatically be able to join the virtual meeting space. You can also see how many people are already using the room before joining through the user count in the bottom left corner of each room's tile.