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Bicycle Racks & Storage

Taking the car is expensive, public transit can be cramped, and you’re feeling unhealthy. No worries, all of those issues are solved by the bicycle commute. And we will keep your bike safe in our bike room when you are working in West Quay Offices!

We got you covered:

Secure your bike...

If you start commuting to work by bike, it will not be long before it seems as natural as going by car. It’s that simple. This assumes that you live within a manageable distance from West Quay Offices.

The biggest challenge will be securing your bike when you arrive so you won’t be target off bicycle thefts. And here in West Quay Offices, we have a secure room with bicycle racks where only owners can enter.

If you are one of those riders, please visit reception to get a your key for bike storage.

Do you need a hot shower after ride?

We got you covered as well!

Hot showers is an office amenity growing in popularity as more workers bike to work and focus on their physical health.

Advantages of Bicycle Commuting:

Many articles about bicycle commuting often start off by thumping all the advantages of cycling to work. Although most are self-evident, they are worth reviewing them if only to provide a handy motivational tool.

Get healthy, be fit. 

Think about it. Riding 10 to 15 kilometres twice a day means you’re going to get seriously healthy fast. This will probably put you at the top of your age group for being fit and healthy, and this means you’ll have the capacity to pursue an active lifestyle without fear or trepidation. Moreover, in combination with recreational rides on weekends, cycling to work should allow many people to start losing weight without any great effort.

Save your hard earned money.

If you currently drive a car to get to work – good news – you’re eligible to save a pile of money. Savings in gas money alone could be as much as $50 a week. Add to this parking fees and a percentage of the expenses associated with wear and tear on your car’s mechanical systems, brakes, tires, and so on. Ownership cost will also go down because your vehicle will last longer, and people who don’t use their car to commute to work everyday can sometimes get lower insurance rates. When you add it all up, this starts to represent a tidy sum.

Make better use of your time. 

All things being equal, it is obvious that you can cover 10 kilometres by car faster than by bike. However, this difference decreases when traffic slows down during rush hour, and it can completely disappear when a car is stuck in a stop-and-go traffic jams. However, the main reason cycling is a time saver is because it allows you to do two things at once –

  1. Move yourself back and forth from work, and
  2. Get some health sustaining exercise. This is far more efficient that commuting to work by car, and then driving to the gym for a workout.

Be environmental conscious. 

Motorized vehicles consume vast amounts of our energy resources, and are a major source of pollution and green house gas emissions. For all practical purposes, it’s the exact opposite with bicycles. Maybe you’re one of those people who, while concerned about the environment, are just a tad skeptical about all those doomsday scenarios. Okay, but next time someone is haranguing you about all that has to be done to save the environment, just tell them that you commute to work by cycling 15 miles everyday. That should buy you some peace and quiet.

Businessman on a Bike. Business Man Leaving His Work. from Back.