Highly Reliable, Cloud-Based VoIP Telephone Solutions

Fully Administered By Us In Our Workspaces.

Power your customer experiences across the journey. Connect employees any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Manage your business. Wherever you are: We will get a local number for you OR port your old number to us.

Features & Benefits

Why Do You Need One from US?

Whether you need a business line with great features or connectivity  to work from anywhere, we make it super simple to get started.
Keep your number or choose a new one at no extra cost.

VoIP Phone
hardware is free

FREE Cisco Phone

We will provide you free Cisco 7965 Color VoIP phone during your plan if you have a private office with us.

we are here to help

In-house Set-Up & Support

This service operated by us and we are literally a few foot away if you ever need help. No more waiting for support lines waiting to get a simple service.

voice prioritized

Fast & Reliable

All VoIP lines setup prioritized over data so data traffic won’t drop your calls.

Wherever you go

Stay Connected

Connect your business with a toll-free number, personalized virtual receptionist and unlimited Canada and US calling

An Auto Attendant is an integral part of our phone system:

Auto attendant / Virtual Receptionist (IVR) can answer all incoming calls with a professionally recorded greeting and menu of options.

It works as a virtual receptionist and can serve as the main phone line to your business. With auto attendant, not only can you record a message to greet your callers, but you can also provide them with a dial by name directory, dial by extension, or the option to leave a message.

VoIp Phone Plans for our Private Offices and Dedicated Desks

You can have all in same day. All services are already ready to go.



This plan comes as default on every private office or dedicated desk.
  • Local phone number or port your own number
  • 100 Min FREE Calls within Canada/US
  • Overages starting from
  • $0 for Extra Desk/User
  • FREE Cisco 7965G VoIp Phone Rental
  • Virtual Receptionist (IVR)
  • Voicemail
  • Customize Voicemail Recording
  • Custom Music On Hold
  • Call Sequences
  • Callback
  • Call Forwarding
  • Phonebook
  • Ring Groups
  • Extra Phone Numbers for $15
  • Order Fax Numbers for $15
  • Manage Faxes
  • Toll Free Number for $15
  • Calling Queues
  • Caller ID Filtering
  • Time Conditions
  • Call Hunting
  • Call Recordings
  • DISA



With a little fee super-power telephone(s) at your office and built a corporate system.
  • Local Phone Number or port your own number
  • 1000 Min FREE Calls within Canada/US
  • Overages starting from
  • $15 for Extra Desk/User
  • FREE Cisco 7965G VoIp Phone Rental
  • Virtual Receptionist (IVR)
  • Voicemail
  • Customize Voicemail Recording
  • Custom Music On Hold
  • Call Sequences
  • Callback
  • Call Forwarding
  • Phonebook
  • Ring Groups
  • Extra Phone Numbers for $10
  • Order Fax Numbers for $10
  • Manage Faxes
  • Toll Free Numbers for $12
  • Calling Queues
  • Caller ID Filtering
  • Time Conditions
  • Call Hunting
  • Call Recordings
  • DISA

Unlimited Premium


This package will cover your professional look as a corporate company with high-end features.
  • Local Phone Number or port your own number
  • Unlimited FREE Calls within Canada/US
  • Overages included in Unlimited
  • $25 for Extra Desk/User
  • FREE Cisco 7965G VoIp Phone Rental
  • Virtual Receptionist (IVR)
  • Voicemail
  • Customize Voicemail Recording
  • Custom Music On Hold
  • Call Sequences
  • Callback
  • Call Forwarding
  • Phonebook
  • Ring Groups
  • Extra Phone Numbers for $10
  • Order Fax Numbers for $10
  • Manage Faxes
  • Toll Free Numbers for $10
  • Calling Queues
  • Caller ID Filtering
  • Time Conditions
  • Call Hunting
  • Call Recordings
  • DISA

Device Options

All desks come with Cisco 7985G wired already. But if you need a difference, better phones and functionality, we also offer you alternatives that you can lease monthly.
VoIP Phone System

Cisco 7965G


This model is provided to you on all Private Office desks and dedicated desk.

This IP phone includes a large, backlit, easy-to-read colour display for easy access to communication information, timesaving applications, and features such as date and time, calling party name, calling party number, digits dialed, and presence information.

The phone provides direct access to six telephone lines (or combination of lines, speed dials, and direct access to telephony features), four interactive soft keys that guide you through call features and functions, and an intuitive four-way (plus Select key) navigation cluster. A hands-free speakerphone and handset designed for high-fidelity wideband audio are standard, as is a built-in headset connection.

Cisco 9971


The Cisco Unified IP Phone 9971 is an executive class collaboration endpoint that provides voice, video, applications and accessories. Highlights include Gigabit Ethernet, Wideband Audio, Color Touchscreen Display, desktop Wi-Fi connectivity along with a new industrial design and user interface designed for simplicity and high usability.

  • H.264 video support for 2-way standard definition calling with USB support for the Cisco Unified IP Camera (included)
  • Choice of 802.11 a/b/g desktop wi-fi connectivity or Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity and switch port
    available for a downstream PC
  • Embedded Bluetooth radio and 2 USB ports for headsets and the camera
cisco 8861 VoIP Phone

Cisco 8861


The IP Phone 8861 delivers highly secure, easy-to-use, mission-critical, comprehensive VoIP communications and telephony feature integration with your personal mobile devices for your entire organization.

  • Exceptional clarity in VoIP communications with wideband audio
  • Integration with personal mobile devices using Cisco Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice
    High-resolution, widescreen colour display
  • Choice of wired, Bluetooth, and USB headsets from third-party vendors

Linksys ATA Adaptor


This Phone Adapter will
allow you to make phone or fax calls by connecting any regular phones that you may have at home.

Each of the Phone Adapter’s two telephone jacks operate
independently, with separate Internet phone services and phone numbers, so you can have up to two Internet
phone lines delivered through your office.

Popular Features of our Business Phone Systems

Our business phone systems offer dozens of valuable features for small businesses. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of cloud-hosted systems: They have opened the door for small businesses to access a multitude of features without spending a ton of money. Previously, only larger businesses could afford feature-rich systems because of the capital required to install the necessary equipment.

Small businesses may benefit from these features, among others:

Manage incoming calls through your own configurable voice response system or menu. Create numeric extensions for your callers to reach the desired party. All managed through a simple web interface or just ask us to configure for you.

Configure a Mailbox for your numbers or extensions to store your voice messages when you are unavailable and get access to all the great voicemail management options. Access your voice messages from your customer portal or any phone device.

Create your own space and allow several people to be bridged together in the same conversation. Our audio conferencing feature provides the host with a dashboard monitor that allows organizers to monitor and control different aspects of the conference call in real time. You can either host conferences from a local or a toll-free number.

Configure one of your numbers to present a busy tone for incoming callers and automatically have the system place an outbound call to a chosen number to grant access to dial tone to make calls using your VoIP.ms account.

Filter specific incoming calls.
- Incoming Calls Failover based on their caller ID and route them differently. According to your needs among your available routing options.

Manage high volumes of incoming calls by placing them in queues specifically configured to optimize customer service. Customize your own voice prompts, play advertisements, soothing music, or customized messages for on-hold callers.

Receive a second call while already on the phone with someone and choose to answer the new caller or send them to custom destinations such as voicemail, on-hold music, busy signal or a pre-recorded message.

Receive or place unlimited free calls between our network and your extensions. Receive unlimited incoming calls from any of your users, gateway or device.

Select the countries/regions that you would like your account to have outbound calling access to. Enable or disable international calls as needed.

Manage your telephone numbers and route incoming calls to any of your available options such as Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Ring Groups, etc.

Add a Customize caller ID for inbound calls in order to differentiate the origin of the call.

Allow customers to call you from anywhere in the US, Canada or the world without incurring long-distance charges by porting your existing US or Canada Toll Free number or choosing one of the available 1800 numbers.

Send a fax to another fax machine over Internet using the T.38 protocol.

Manage your numbers and route incoming calls to any of your available options such as Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Ring Groups, etc.

Talk with up to three other people at the same time. Easily add new parties to a call already in progress.

Encrypt all the details about who and where you are calling through SIP-TLS (Transport Layer Security) as well as audio through SRTP (Secure Real-Time Protocol).

Choose up to 11 genres of music or beep configurations to play for your callers placed on hold.

Extend your possibilities to be reached by setting up to 3 failover options : No Answer, If the phone is busy or if the device unreachable.

Create unique groups that fit your needs (e.g. family, work or friends). You can then filter groups to head to a specific destination to reach you more easily.

Configure your telephone number to ring different extensions or phone numbers simultaneously when you receive an incoming call.

View your detailed outbound and inbound phone call history for the period of your choice. Sort your call logs by date, duration, account, billed calls, free calls or generate detailed reports on call outcomes (answered, no answer, busy, failed).

Use our Customer Portal to print or download call detail reports in CSV, Excel, XML and SQL formats.

Use your VoIP analysis module to capture and analyze incoming and outgoing calls and graphically display analysis results in bar or pie charts.

Dial any Canadian directory assistance number (411, 811, 511...) to access specific services or to locate a local or national published listing anywhere in Canada.

Block your name and phone number from being displayed on outbound calls. “Anonymous caller” or “Private number” will appear on the receiver’s screen.

Get a customized Toll Free number for either business or personal use. Choose among a vast selection of available numbers from our Customer Portal.

Configure your incoming calls to be redirected automatically to any phone number of your choice.

Route calls to multiple phones or members of a hunt group one after another. The call hunting process continues until an available extension answers the call or goes to voicemail.

Record and manage your calls, whether they are incoming or outgoing calls.

Upload your own professional audio file to be used among the different features available that make use of a recording such as Virtual Receptionist (IVR), Voicemail and others.

Sequences is an IVR enhancement feature that allows you to create very specific scenarios where you can make use of any combination of the following options: DTMF, Recordings and SMS.

Configure up to 99 phonebook entries with a speed dial code to contact your most frequently dialed numbers.

Define how your incoming calls will be routed depending on the time of the day. (i.e. during business hours or holidays, or outside business hours, etc.).

Transfer your existing Local, Toll Free or Fax number from your current provider into your VoIP.ms account and use it with the wide selection of available options and features.

Receive your voicemails directly to your email inbox as an audio file attachment with relevant information (sender name and number, date, time, length of message, time stamp etc.) in .wav format, or get an email notification of new voicemails.

You can use your preferred mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, telephone adapters, laptops USB drives or VoIP phones.

Identify callers by name and phone number before answering their call. This Caller ID has enhanced features and flexibility.

Send and receive text messages within US and Canada from your SMS available number to a wide variety of SMS supporting devices.

No more using traditional fax machines. Receive faxes in PDF format on any of your Fax available DIDs or have them forwarded to your preferred email address. Files supported: PDF, TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIF.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Have questions about how it works and what VoIP is about? We would like to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions.

If you can think of any others feel free to contact us and ask?

VoIP/Virtual Phones 37 questions
  • Is it possible to transfer my number from another carrier?

    If you already have one or more phone numbers with another provider, West Quay Offices offers you the option of porting them all to our network. Most local and toll- free numbers from Canada and United States are portable, while international numbers have more limited availability.

    Please contact us to find out if your number is portable. You should also check with your current phone provider to make sure they will allow you to port your number to a new carrier.

  • How I am billed for my 1-800 number?

    The billing of your toll-free number depends on the country in which your number is based (the United States or Canada).

    For a US toll-free number, there is a monthly charge of $5 and a rate of $0.080 per minute for inbound calls.

    For a Canadian toll-free number, there is a monthly charge of $5 and a rate of $0.10 per minute for inbound calls.

  • Can I have several of my devices ring at the same time?

    Yes. With the Ring Group feature, you can have incoming calls redirected to multiple destinations included in your Ring Group, where a member of the group is able to answer. When a call is placed with your virtual number routed to a Ring Group, all members of that group will ring at the same time until the call is answered by one of them.

    The maximum number of members in a Ring Group is twelve.

  • Can I use a VoIP phone the same way as a regular phone?

    Due to the nature of the VoIP technology, a VoIP phone is capable of working just like a regular phone and even more, which means that you can place a call anywhere around the world on any mobile device(e.g., laptop computer, cell phone or tablet) carrying your same number at a much lower rate than you would pay if calling from a regular landline.

    Furthermore, you use the same dialing format as you would from a regular phone to make calls. One of the great advantages of VoIP technology is that it enables free calls in many different ways by making use of each provider’s internal network capabilities.

  • Do you offer Fax service?

    We offer a virtual fax feature. This feature can be used with special fax numbers, which can be acquired and configured through our Fax Portal for customers in the United States and Canada. It is also possible to transfer your current voice number or a number from another provider into our virtual fax service.

    Note: This service can only be used to send faxes within the United States and Canada at this time. We cannot guarantee that international faxes will be properly received. Virtual fax numbers cannot receive regular voice calls or SMS messages—only faxes.

  • Do you offer SMS service?

    We do offer SMS service (currently in beta). SMS is available for a great number of DIDs and cities across the United States and Canada. It must be used through the SMS Portal.

    SMS is not available through the SIP protocol at this time

  • Do you offer telephone numbers in other area codes?

    Yes. VoIP offers a vast range of telephone numbers in many different area codes. Simply access the Customer Portal to see a list of available numbers.

    This solution is often preferred by customers who wish to make calls to or receive calls from customers, friends or family members living in different cities without incurring long-distance charges or for businesses that wish to have a local presence in many cities.

  • Do you Support e911?

    We offer E911 service only for US and Canadian numbers including US and Canadian toll-free numbers. This feature can be activated directly in the Customer Portal by accessing the E911 page from the DID numbers menu.

  • Do you support international 911?

    No. At the moment, we do not support emergency 911 dialing outside of the United States and Canada. We recommend using a traditional landline or your mobile phone to make emergency calls when you travel abroad.

  • How do you bill for forwarded calls?

    Forwarded calls are billed according to two different segments: inbound and outbound. When you forward your calls to a number, the inbound segment of the call is charged according to the billing plan you selected, and the outbound segment of the call is charged according to our per-minute rates for termination, depending on the destination of the call, for the same duration as the inbound segment.

  • Is it possible to transfer my number from another carrier?

    If you already have one or more phone numbers with another provider, we offer you the option of porting them all to our network. Most local and toll- free numbers from the United States and Canada are portable, while international numbers have more limited availability.

    Please contact us to find out if your number is portable. You should also check with your current phone provider to make sure they will allow you to port your number to a new carrier.

  • Is there a cancellation fee?

    We do not charge cancellation fees of any kind. You are free to cancel your account or number at any time.

  • What is a call queue?

    Call queues are specifically designed to manage incoming calls. By setting up a call queue, you can have many callers wait on the line until an agent is available to take their call. If you configure an auto-attendant for your telephone number, you can make it so that callers first hear a welcome message and interact with a voice menu before being sent to the call queue.

    The Call Queue feature allow users to customize their call queues to play pre-recorded messages about their company, music or advertisements for callers while they are on hold.

    Various ring strategies can be established to determine routing patterns for each call queue, such as Ring All (ring all available agents), Round Robin (distributes calls as evenly as possible), Least Recent (sends the call to the agent who least recently received a call), Fewest Calls (routes to the agent who has taken the fewest total calls in the session) and Random (leave it up to chance).

  • What is a Toll-Free number?

    Toll-free numbers are special numbers that are designed to allow callers to reach certain numbers (often long-distance) without having to pay long-distance charges.

    These numbers are mostly used by companies who wish to allow their customers to call them for free no matter where they are located.

    There are several toll-free area codes, namely 800, 866, 888, 844 and 855. They all work the same way, but the choice of prefix depends on the businesses advertising strategy.

    Traditionally, 800 numbers have been used for television and radio advertisements, but other prefixes like 888, 866 and 855 are gaining popularity.

  • What is Call Forwarding?

    Call Forwarding allows users to redirect incoming calls to another phone number or to a mobile device such as a cell phone, tablet or computer. Numbers can be forwarded to any number around the world.

    With call forwarding, you can program your phone, Customer Portal or VoIP software to automatically forward calls to your preferred mobile device (cell phone, laptop, softphone, etc.) or to any number capable of accepting calls.

  • What is Callback?

    With this feature, you can set a number for our system to call back in order to receive a dial tone and place outgoing calls through our network. This is useful if you want to make a long-distance call from outside of your calling area or if you don’t have a VoIP device readily available.

    When a DID is set up with the Callback feature, calls that are placed to this DID return a busy signal, and the system calls back the specified number and provides the user with a dial tone to place an outgoing call.

  • What is Caller ID Filtering?

    Caller ID Filtering allows you to filter incoming calls based on their origin (such as private, anonymous or unknown numbers or area codes).

    For example, if you receive unwanted calls from a telemarketer or survey company, you can set up a filter for each of your DIDs to route those calls to voicemail, play a pre-recorded message or simply disconnect the call.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you can give preferential treatment to your favorite customers and route their calls to provide them with a fully customized experience

  • What is caller ID or CID?

    Caller ID is a telephone feature that transmits a caller’s phone number to the call recipient’s phone. Where available, the caller ID number can be supplemented with the caller’s name (e.g., John Smith).

    There are two types of caller ID: caller ID number (CID) and caller ID name (CNAM). The caller’s phone number and subscriber information may vary depending on the location and the information on record with the carrier.

  • What is CNAM?

    CNAM stands for caller ID name, which is the information that will be displayed on the call recipient’s phone when you place an outgoing call. If you will be making calls to Canadian numbers, you can simply pass the caller ID name from your device or system, as most of them support this.

    For calls to the United States, the caller ID name works differently.

    In this case, it is controlled by a national CNAM database with records of numbers and names matching each number. We can update the CNAM database upon request.

  • What is DID?

    Simply put, a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number is a virtual number that works just like a regular phone number, except for the fact that it is not attached to any POTS line (landline). Once your configuration is ready, you can be reached at your DID number from anywhere in the world, just like any other phone number.

  • What is IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

    IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a telephone technology that works just like a virtual receptionist. With this technology, inbound callers interact with a voice menu using their telephone keypad or by speech recognition in order to be connected with the proper person, extension or department.

    This allows customers to get the information they need without having to wait to speak with an agent.

  • What is PBX or IP PBX?

    PBX means Private Branch Exchange. Basically, it is a telephone exchange system that manages a company’s incoming and outgoing calls and manages internal communications between employees.

    The advantage of a PBX is that you can equip your system with more phones than physical phone lines. It also provides a vast range of features such as call waiting, voicemail, three-way calling, call forwarding and other, more advanced features such as call queues and interactive voice menus.

    As for IP PBX, it is a software-based PBX phone system solution that allows remote or mobile employees to connect to the company phone system or voicemail, no matter where they are, as long as there is an Internet connection.

    If you have multiple private offices in West Quay Offices and you want to connect with other staff on different rooms. This is the service you may need.

  • What is Phonebook?

    The Phonebook feature allows you to configure up to 500 Phonebook entries with caller ID name (CNAM) overrides and up to 99 speed-dial codes for those entries.

    For example, you can create a four-digit Phonebook entry to call your favorite customers or relatives. Additionally, you can use a caller ID name (CNAM) override to identify inbound calls from important customers, regardless of whether their number is registered to a proper CNAM central database.

    Phonebook entries are also available with our Virtual Fax and SMS features. When sending from both features, the system will instantly show you the available entries to choose from as soon as you begin to input a name or number from the Phonebook. When you receive messages, the system will match the caller’s information to the name you have configured in the Phonebook.

  • What is the difference between E911 and traditional 911?

    Standard 911 emergency services send the user’s information through traditional landlines directly to the nearest emergency response center.

    Enhanced 911 or E911 service allows mobile phones to dial 911 to automatically transmit the caller’s geographic position to emergency responders. With VoIP, however, 911 calls are forwarded to a third-party service provider that is required to automatically or manually route 911 calls to emergency response centres.

    Therefore, it is vital for VoIP telephony users to keep their phone system’s location information up to date with their VoIP provider at all times. Because it works with an Internet connection, your phone number is not automatically linked to your new address when you move to another location.

  • What type of telephone numbers do you offer?

    There are different types of telephone numbers. They are mostly differentiated by their geographic presence. The types of telephone numbers most commonly used by our customers include:

    • Local numbers from the United States or Canada
    • International telephone numbers
    • Toll-free numbers
  • Do you accept auto-dialers or telemarketing traffic?

    We do not accept the use of our termination (outbound) services for telemarketing purposes (including but not limited to automated dialers, call centers and collection agencies).

  • Can I port out my number?

    If you wish to port out a number from our service, you may do so at any time by initiating the porting request with the new provider. We authorize all port-out requests matching the correct information from your account.

  • Can I access and configure voicemail through my phone or on the Customer Portal?

    You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes on the Customer Portal. You can assign a voicemail to each VoIP user and have them configure it to their liking for when they are unavailable to take a call, or you can route the calls according to your needs.

  • Can I call any phone number or just VoIP numbers?

    You can call any number, including mobile phones, landlines and other VoIP numbers.

  • Can I order a number outside of my residence area?

    Yes, you can order a number from any available location, no matter where you are located. This number can be used anywhere in the world and will be considered local for the callers in the number’s area (i.e., a number from New York will be considered local for New York callers, even if you are physically located in Canada).

  • Can I use my existing device with VoIP?

    Basically, any device or system that supports the SIP or IAX2 protocol will work with our service. If you bring your device (ATA, IP phone) from a previous provider, make sure that it is unlocked and that you are able to make changes to its configuration.

  • Do you offer voicemail?

    Yes. West Quay Offices have an Advanced Voicemail feature that is free to use, and you also have the option to forward your messages to your email address as an attachment.

  • How many messages can I store in my mailbox?

    The total number of voicemail messages allowed in a single mailbox is 100.

  • What is the maximum length of a voicemail message?

    The maximum length a voicemail message is three minutes.

  • Will my calls answered with my company name?

    We or yourself can program auto-attendant welcome message however you like. The calls can be transferred to your personal or mobile phone. Or they can be directed to your voice mail.

  • Are there any additional expenses that aren’t included in the fees?

    There are no hidden fees or additional expenses unless otherwise agreed upon. Such as printing, mailing services or additional meeting room hours above your membership allotment.

    Basically all services you need to startup will be included in the plan you choose.

    But we have many additional high tech and special services where you may like to add in the beginning or during time. You can view all of these on the plan you book or products page.

  • What are the payment methods?

    You can pay conveniently by bank transfer, debit or credit card.

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