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Send Fax

for West Quay Offices members

This form only works if you are a West Quay Offices member. The attachment file will be the document to be faxed. Your fax will be sent from our fax number, 778.382.1086. You can send to all Canada and US numbers.

Fax service costs $0.10 per minute. The total is calculated based on how many minutes it took to send your fax. Depending on the destination fax machine, you can send 1-3 pages in a minute. The total cost will be added to your next invoice.

The sender’s email address must be the same as your account login email in our system. Or else your fax will never be sent.

We also offer free faxing in our printer room using a physical fax machine if you do not want to pay extra.

Do you know that you can get your own virtual fax number amd send/receive unlimited faxes for $15/month? Click here to order one.