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Available North Vancouver Local Phone Numbers for Your Business

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Last modified: April 22, 2023
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These are the available North Vancouver local numbers you can get. This listing is not real-time and we update this list from time to time. You are not limited to North Vancouver local numbers and you can order other Canadian city and international numbers from us too. And we can also port your own number to us if you need.

You can also port your old number to us from any provider. Red more about VoIP services we offer in here.

Numbers are first come first served basis, so we advise you to choose a 2nd number of your choice while you are letting us know.

  • 778.820.0597
  • 778.820.0619
  • 778.820.0623
  • 778.820.0624
  • 778.820.0625
  • 778.820.0628
  • 778.820.0629
  • 778.820.0630
  • 778.820.0631
  • 778.820.0648
  • 778.820.1049

To order one of those numbers please use the order form. This order form is just for number reservation and setup. you still need to purchase product separately on products or inform us to add to your bill.

To learn more about our VoIP services please visit this link.

There are many possibilities how to use or forward your new number(s):

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