Interested in a private office?

Then it is better to consider a few things!

Office space with a view in North Vancouver

Find out what exactly you need.

Shared office spaces provide you with a great chance of networking, creating connections and broadening your leads. Either you are a self-employed blogger or a freelancer working on your projects - networking is the key to success.

At West Quay Offices, you will have your own & secured private office, top-speed internet connection, brand-new furniture, access to member benefits, communnity boards and events.

Manage your time well.

With a 24/7 accessible private office, you own your time. A rainy Sunday that you have to finish things quickly? Just go ahead, get a cup of coffee and dive in the tasks. Flexibility is the number one solution we provide, so you can balance your day well.

We know it so well that your time is the biggest investment. That's why we will be collobrating on many things together, to create more time for you.

Coworking solutions with desk access and more

Co-working is not only a low-cost system. It is a community.

Got some questions? Contact us.

Cost friendly approach

Cost-friendly approach.

You will go as long as you want. Set in the plan you like, check all the benefits you will be recieving and do your calculations. We are pretty confident, you will like the final results.

Shared workig space with full privacy

100% Privacy

Yes, networking and growing your circle is good. However, sometimes things got to be done, and done immediately. That's why you will be getting your private space, where you can focus, do things you want to do and get the results.

All benefits of being part of a community

Be the part of the community.

At WQO, you will be not only working but helping out and reciveing help. With a group of professionals, you will have more time to connect and less hassle to reach out. Join the space meetings, be a part of the helping hand and recieve it when you need. All is just one message away.

Before making a decision, visit us to see what it is all about.

Schedule a tour today.

Enjoy the perks.

From free meeting room usage to lounge access. Get a mailing address for your mails, get some phone number that you can easily control and many more member specials. As a business ourselves, we know you need tailored solutions. And that's why we are here.

Come and say hello. And let's figure out what we can do for you, that you will not only benefit but enjoy at the same time.

Great location in North Vancouver with full perks
Coworking brings the solutions for everyone.

Create solutions together.

Whatever is your need, we will do our best to get a solution for you. Being a member of private office plan means you are the resident of our common space. So you say, we plan.

Forget about the places you were seen as a customer. Here, you are a member and you have your voice. Plan things that shape the future, join the clubs that give you back and make the best out of it.

Before making a decision, visit us to see what it is all about.

Schedule a tour today.

A location that you can be anywhere, in minutes.

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