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How The Pandemic Shaped Our Work: New Normal for Teams

Welcome to the year 2020, where things are not, well, quite right. We are frustrated, upset, and trying to make sense between the lines of emails we are receiving from the stakeholders of our lives.
Business Partners Wearing a Hygienic Face Mask While Working with Laptops in the Coworking Space.

Welcome to the year 2020, where things are not, well, quite right. We are frustrated, upset, and trying to make sense between the lines of emails we are receiving from the stakeholders of our lives. Things are not like they used to be, and this also accurate for how we work.

If there is one thing we are kind of sure, it is that the companies “had to” learn to find new and innovative ways to make their teams continue to be productive. Some let them do their thing at home, some rented Shared Office or Coworking spaces to make the impact less. Whatever you do or your boss has decided, things are different. However, there is one thing shining in all this darkness: Workspace management.

What do we mean by Workspace management?

It is basically using resources, and a really important one, to keep your employees safe and productive at the same time. Imagine doing rounds to visit a historical museum – you know the times when they let you in as specific numbers. And implement that to your workspace!

It is helpful in many ways, that’s for sure. However, you may need to have rock-solid management for this kind of approach. Which employee will work with who? Do they need to be in at the same time, all the time? Or you can make groups of let’s say 10 to make sure everything is going as it should?

This is where the workspace management comes in. This could be a new profession even, who knows!

There are a few simple rules to follow, really. However, each has to work with each other seamlessly.

  1. Make sure you divide your team to enough number of people.
  2. Understand the needs of your employees, and make them feel safe.
  3. Prepare the schedules well in advance, and try to stick to it really well.
  4. Keep the teams working together closely.
  5. Are there “online people”? Make sure to not let them feel outsiders.

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by all these. In the end, you have your own responsibilities to handle. So, is there a solution to all these?

Well, yes. There is, indeed.

There are professional workspaces for teams like yours, making sure to provide the environment a productive team’s needs and wants. Take us, West Quay Offices, for an example. All the above-mentioned rules are the daily “to-go” activities for the staff to ensure the quality of work for the Members of the Community. There are people who rent their own executive private offices, and there are people who rent their Dedicated Desks. Are their needs the same? Yes, and no, and yes again.

It depends. And you have to work case by case.

At this point, a professional Workspace like West Quay Offices comes handy to manage it all. Making sure to have enough space for Dedicated Desk Members, and then understanding the needs of office Members, continuing to provide the all needed services like Meeting Rooms, mailings, admin services, and many more. It is a full-time job, and we are well aware of it.

Things are changing for sure, and luckily, there are new businesses popPINg around to help you make it. Things may seem hard now, but knowing we are all in this together, may change things in a different direction.

In a direction, we all would like to see.

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