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4 Main Things To Consider When Looking For An Office Space

When it comes to productivity, all of us have different views on the subject. However, there is one thing for sure. A workspace, that is dedicated to working makes you more productive.
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Are you done with noisy cafes, interrupted internet connections with pretty bad quality Skype calls and lost deals? Or just basically trying to work from home but that new show on Netflix keeps you a bit busy? Well, been there and done that.

When it comes to productivity, all of us have different views on the subject. However, there is one thing for sure. A Workspace, that is dedicated to working makes you more productive. And hence, there are the workspaces. But what is the difference between all those places you have seen around? What does really matter here? We want to take our own view on the topic, and here you are, 5 things to mainly consider when choosing a Workspace.

#1: Location

When it comes to a workspace, your number one item to consider is the boring morning & evening commute. However, there a few more things to consider than only the gas-break game in your car.

  • Find a space near public transportation.
  • Always consider being near to social locations like some restaurants & cafes. You never know when a social meeting calls!
  • Like to cycle? Awesome! So better to search locations nearby. (And congrats on helping the environment by the way!)
  • And make sure to check the walk score of the location.

#2: Furniture & Service Quality

Even though the location is a big game-changer, there are still things you may love to consider when making your very detailed decision-making matrix. Just because a working space has a great location, unfortunately, does not mean they are good to go. How are the things that you will use for hours every day? Long story short, what is furniture like? Do you have some sit & stand desks and ergonomic chairs or the owner’s Amazon “today’s deals” visit is so visible? Ask about internet speed, lounge access, membership included services. If you are satisfied with what you see, then check for the overall service.

Basically, what you need is an all-in-one quality check. Will you get enough attention from the people that run the office? Is it a huge chain with tons of branches that you are just one small renter, or they are focusing on each location with great care? Providing services is really easy on a web page “services” section. What you need to make your mind is how you will get that so-called service, and what the quality will be like. Not sure? Shoot an email to the “manager” and see how carefully they are taking care of your requests. Ask everything, and ask it directly.

#3: Member Benefits & Events

First thing first, you are renting the space for your own work needs, correct. Given that, however, it is still important to know what benefits you will be getting. For example, West Quay Offices is promising for being a working Community, rather than just a basic office rental that you can get literally anywhere. Consider these few things, for example:

  • How much is the office helping you to get into a collaboration with other members?
  • Talking about “members”, how really you feel like you are a Member of something, rather than a tenant of an office?
  • Are there specific events you think will help you with your main goals?
  • Is it making you feel special for being a part of a Community? Is it a community after all?

These are hard questions to answer before being a part of the working space. However, you should be getting straight answers when you ask the straight questions.

#4: 24/7 Availability

This one is pretty straight-forward. Let’s say you have gotten a deal and ready to move-in to your private office space. How much really it is “yours”? Can you go there and start working immediately, whenever you want? As it is becoming a norm in the industry, it is still important to make sure you have full availability – every day of a week.

All being said, it is important to find a place you will feel most comfortable with. Go out there, and find it out hopefully!

West Quay Offices is a Shared Office space in North Vancouver, BC. From desk access to furnished office rentals, we offer a great selection of services for your needs.

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