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How to Configure Your Team Structure in West Quay Offices?

Updated on February 19, 2024

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Teams are structures that help you group staff or colleagues together and have them share specific settings. Teams are a great way to group individuals working for the same company and have them share perks and discounts.

The advantages of teams include:

  • Sharing and/or pooling credits so that they’re available to all members of the team.
  • Sharing discounts with teams that automatically apply to all members of the team.
  • Invoicing team expenses and purchases to a single paying Member via merged team billing.
  • Public profiles in the directory to let other teams and customers reach out and foster Community projects.

Find out more about the tools that West Quay Offices offers for teams to grow their businesses.

Teams is complimentary

Team setup is offered for free in West Quay Offices.

Companies with one Member do not need to setup teams as they are individuals and do not need to share resources. We ask anyone who has a minimum of two members in their structure to form a team.

Private OfficesAny private office that has more than one person or desk needs to set up teams.
The number of team members you can add is limited to the number of allowed people or desks in your Private Office.
You can also add other members that have individual Coworking Membership, Dedicated Desks and even other offices if you have more than one.
Coworking MembersYou do not need to set up teams unless they are a group of companies and they don’t want to combine resources.

We need to activate Teams for you and assign the admin. Admin is generally paying Owner but can also be your executive assistant, tech person, or anyone in your Team.

Credit Sharing

Teams can share credits in multiple ways. If you decide to share credits within the team, you have three main scenarios.

The team paying customer’s passes and credits are shared with all members of the team. Team members keep their own passes and credits.The team paying customer’s passes and credits are shared with all members of the team. Team member passes and credits are transferred to the team-paying customer and can be used by anyone in the team.Team member passes and credits are transferred to the team-paying customer. Only the team-paying customer may use them.

After this step, there are a few ways to build your team:

  1. We can do it for you. Please fill out this form by downloading and printing it, or visit reception to fill out the printed form.
  2. After we assign admin privileges to any member, you can invite your team members by sending them your personal signup link on Member’s PortalSettingsMy Team under “Invite Link“.

You can also configure/modify privileges for your team Members there.

Community Directory

Don’t forget to add/edit your company profile in there for our Community directory listing. You will never know where your next client may come from.

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