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Business Accelerator

An accelerator works as a program that accelerates the process of the growth of externally developed ideas. Usually, they offer workspace, capital, coaching, networking, and administrative services.

Accommodation Address

An accommodation address is a service similar to post office boxes to deliver mail in the name of a person or business for retrieval. Small


Taking ownership of another business. Acquiring another company.

Adventure Capitalist

An adventure capitalist is an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs financially and often plays an active role in the company’s operations such as by occupying

Agile Workspace

A typical agile workspace strays away from the desk setting and allows residents to work anywhere in the coworking space. This could be a comfortable


Round tables

Amenities at a coworking space are the facilities and services provided to enhance the working environment. They include workstations, meeting rooms, community spaces, productivity-enhancing features,

Angel Investor

Once, an unrelated individual investing monies in a business venture, often later than founders, friends and family (the “3F’s”), but before larger corporate investors such

Angel Round

A round of investment into a startup company from angel investors not previously affiliated with the founder. Typically the first money invested in a company

Baby Boomer

Baby boomer term (first used in 1970 in a Washington Post article) refers to people born between 1946 and 1964 during the post–World War II


Starting your business the good old fashioned way: with little (own) money and sweat capital, and reinvesting your earnings.