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Top Reasons Your Business Should Switch to a Virtual Fax

People have been sending and receiving faxes since well before the invention of the Internet. Even in today’s digital age, there are plenty of circumstances that require sending faxes instead of regular emails.
Virtual Fax

People have been sending and receiving faxes since well before the invention of the Internet. Even in today’s digital age, there are plenty of circumstances that require sending faxes instead of regular emails. The good news is that businesses can now use online fax services instead of wasteful fax machines.

Increase Convenience

The faxes get sent directly to a user’s email, so there’s no need to learn a new system. Plus, digital faxes can be sent and received from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection, and they can even be viewed from mobile phones.

Save Space at the Office

Traditional fax machines take up a lot of space. Office workers need to keep not just the fax machines but also supplies like paper and ink toner on hand. 

Most companies also keep records of paper faxes, necessitating extra filing cabinets and storage rooms to accommodate them. With fax to email, there’s no additional equipment required whatsoever, and a digital record of the faxes can be maintained on local networks or in the cloud.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Fax machines are notoriously finicky. Each time they stop working, the manager has to call in a repair technician, costing the business extra money on top of the electricity used to power the machine and the paper and toner required to use it. 

In comparison, online faxing requires no maintenance on behalf of the average user. The fax-to-email option offers scalable plans to accommodate companies of all sizes, too, so there’s never a need to pay for extra numbers that aren’t being used.

Go Green

Switching to online faxing doesn’t just save space, time, and money at the office. Cutting out all that fax hardware and those paper copies is also better for the environment. Digitizing documents cuts back on paper use and lets users store them electronically, reducing the need for printing copies and keePINg paper records.

As people become more aware of humanity’s effects on the environment, it becomes even more important for companies to go green and do their part. Their reputations often depend on it.

Improve Security

Security breaches can occur in both analog and digital transactions. However, online fax services provide an elevated level of security protection.

Save Money

The only cAPItal investment businesses need to make in digital fax services is paying for a monthly or yEarly subscription.

Traditional fax equipment, on the other hand, is extremely expensive. It’s not just paying for maintenance and supplies that makes the difference, either. Each time the equipment outlives its usefulness, it must be upgraded at a great cost to the company. It’s much cheaper to ditch the fax machines entirely and make the switch to digital faxing.

Virtual Fax

Manage Documents with Ease

The ability to store and manage faxed documents online via the cloud makes it much easier to keep things organized. Employees with permission to view the documents can access them from anywhere without jeopardizing data security, and since all the paperwork is digitized, it’s much easier to find relevant information. The ability to manage faxed documents online also simplifies life for Remote Workers, who would otherwise have difficulty accessing the data required to do their jobs at home or on the go.

Send Large Files

Almost every business has experienced circumstances that make it difficult to transmit large amounts of information. Online fax services don’t usually place stringent limitations on file transfer sizes. As a result, people can send long faxes without worrying about whether the essential information will get to where it needs to go.

Streamline Business Communications

Traditional fax machines come with all kinds of obvious and hidden disadvantages. Paper jams, misplaced fax documents, and busy signals are all quite common, and these issues can really get in the way of effective communication. The good news is that none of them will come up after the company makes the switch to online faxing.

No Need for Extensive Training

Some office workers are used to using fax machines in their daily lives, but those who have recently entered the workforce often consider them antiquated pieces of equipment that aren’t relevant to the modern business world. Both older employees and young, fresh-faced workers know how to use email, and that’s about all it takes in terms of expertise to use fax-to-email services.

Digital faxing comes with a host of benefits and few to no drawbacks. West Quay Offices offer virtual fax to Members for a small monthly fee. Fax-to-email service is safe, secure, convenient, and designed to be user-friendly. Companies that haven’t made the switch yet have every reason to reach out to an online fax service with us.

Virtual Fax

Get your virtual fax number today, start sending and receiving online faxes from your computer.

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