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Glossary: Flexible Office

What is Flexible Office?

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Private Office 25

The ability of a workspace to enable agility. West Quay Offices was founded in 2020 to enable flexible ways of working and offers great options for companies to offer their employees new ways to get together or work independently. 

For example, a company may keep a private office with 5 workstations for folks who live in the area and want to work at the same workstation every day, while also paying for 10 coworking memberships that their other staff can use when they need to come to campus for working days with the rest of the team or to focus at hot desks when needed. The full team can share monthly credits and unified billing when booking board rooms, lounges, or larger offsite meeting and event venues on campus—all through West Quay Offices’ mobile apps.

No matter how many members are on your team regularly or once in a while, West Quay Offices enables you to offer them all a single place to meet and work that is affordable and turn-key.

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