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After creating an account, you will get an email with information and you can log in to the system and get to the dashboard, which looks like the following screenshot.

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Vision Board

Manifestation is proven to be a great tool to reach goals. To upload pictures of the things or experiences you want to have, click on the dropzone.

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If you don’t have goals, you will end up confused and frustrated. But, on the other hand, having goals in life will inspire you to move in the right direction.

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Make a precise plan for your goal. When you plan for your goals, it becomes easier to reach those goals.

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The Calendar is the best friend of the people who want to succeed in life. It would be best if you had all your events organized and kept on a calendar.

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Without a clear system for organizing projects, you waste time looking for information instead of focusing on the creative work you do best.

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We have to-dos in every productivity app, but to learn is very important as if we stop learning, we will not grow.

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A habit of note-taking is a great skill. In Focus, you can take good notes and write about anything that comes to your mind. This notes system will help your team learn together.

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You can upload documents here to keep your documents organized and download them whenever you need them.

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The Profile section is your profile data with your information along with login credentials.

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