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Updated on January 3, 2024

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We have to-dos in every productivity app, but learning is very important, as if we stop learning, we will not grow.

How do I add to-learns?

The steps are below:

  1. Go to To-Learns on the side navigation bar and write what you want to learn to add to-learns.
  2. Then, add a title.
  3. Add a topic or subject to keep it organized.
  4. Write a description. Here, you can take notes on each topic that you want to learn.
  5. The Text Editor gives you many options to write a note perfectly, such as adding tables and images using different colours, highlight lines, and underlining lines. Etc.
  6. Click on the delete button if you want to delete it.
  7. Click on the edit button if you want to edit the to-dos.
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