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What if I need privacy on West Quay Offices?

Finger Touch Smartphone Screen with Privacy Protection
Last modified: January 12, 2023
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Our space operates on mutual respect between our members.

The first thing you must be mindful of is your volume. In an open office, sound carries a lot easier, and some spaces may be built in a way that can carry sound through other sections of the workspace, as well.

Phone Booths

If you need privacy while doing a simple phone call with your mobile, you can use a phone booth. These new phone booths were always in there but lately we upgraded them with Tardis and they are bigger inside!

What if I Need Privacy on West Quay Offices
What if I need privacy on West Quay Offices

Small Meeting Room

If you want make Zoom or any online meeting and you don’t have a Private Office (or don’t want to so in there somehow) book a small meeting room for an extended or group call. This room accommodate 4 people, also have a 40″ HD TV iuf you want to broadcast your meeting and it is sound proof as well.

We also have a Cisco conference phone there if you choose to make this meeting on a high-tech conference call.

These meetings rooms are a lot cheaper than our Large Meeting Room and you have a lot of FREE booking credit dollars in your account already. These credits will expire at the end of each month. So please use them. You can also book them easily by tapping your mobile phone on tablet on the entrance of booking room. You can do last minute as well.

Informal meetings are part of coworking. If you’re hosting a formal meeting or need a screen to share private information then the lounge area or your desk might not be the right location. You can book one of our two meeting rooms for full privacy and look professional.

Large Meeting Rooms

Large Meeting Room

This meeting room can accommodate 8 people and packed with everything you may need:

  • 4K 50″ TV that you can easily broadcast,
  • Cisco Conference Cell Phone,.
  • Wireless charger for 2 mobile phones at same time,
  • Catering possibilities.

If you plan to do to any informal or business meeting with more than 4 people, this should be the spot to make it.

Single Private Work Booths

These are single work pods for a single person. We also provide a monitor in there so one can connect their laptop and work in harmony and not get distracted by surroundings or sounds.

Private Booths

Unfortunately lately, these booths became popular spot for online meetings while these are not built for that.

Please DO NOT make online meetings on these single booths. They are no sound proof and actually your meeting will echo on half of our 6500 sf2 office in a bizarre way.

Lounge Area Work Booths

These will provide you minor privacy for your client meetings if you won’t be talking top secret deals. We have 6 of them and can accommodate up to 4 people.

Booth Area
Booth Area

If your meeting is expected to be loud, please use one of the meeting rooms.

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