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How do I plan and track team attendance?

Updated on April 28, 2024
Team Management

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Ever wanted to see which members of your team are coming to the office and track who hasn’t booked? The Team attendance dashboard lets you do just that! All members of the team can:

  • Know when their colleagues are coming to the office with the shared schedule
  • See who’s already booked which resources to avoid booking twice for the same meeting
  • Get data on how often they come to the office compared to the rest of their team
  • Team administrators can also define and change the team’s schedule at any time in just a few clicks.
Team Metrics

How the Team attendance dashboard works

  • If you already have multiple team members and have registered in our spaces, we have already set up a team account for you.
  • Anyone who wants to use this feature needs a team and at least one team administrator.
  • If this is already configured for you, the team administrator is the team paying Member, unless we have not been notified to change.
  • There may be multiple team administrators. An administrator team Member can assign additional administrators or ask one of us to do this for you.
Your Attendance

Manage your teams’s attendance

The team attendance schedule lets all members of the team see who’s working from where on any given day. Team administrators are the only users who can edit their team’s attendance schedule.

You can set attendance for each member of your team as a team administrator via My Account > Team on the Members Portal.

  1. Log in to the Members Portal.
  2. Click on Settings > Team.
  3. Scroll down to Expected Attendance.
  4. Edit the attendance schedule based on your team’s preferences or requirements.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.

All set! The team attendance scheduled is updated for all team members straight away.

Can’t edit the attendance schedule?

You’re not a team administrator yet. Reach out to your team manager or us to change your status.

Removing Team Attendance

If you do not want Team Attenence on your dashboard at all, please contact us to remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone in the team see the attendance dashboard?

Yes, all members of the team can see the team attendance dashboard by default. There’s currently no way to hide the attendance dashbaord from specific team members.

Can I remove team members from the attendance schedule?

No, you cannot remove team members from the team attendance schedule without removing them from the team as well.

Why can’t a team paying member change the team’s attendance schedule?

If the team paying member cannot edit the attendance schedule, chances are they aren’t a team administrator yet. Only team administrator can change this schedule and being a team paying customer doesn’t automatically make you a team administrator. You can easily solve this issue by making them a team administrator or asking us to do.

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