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Why Do You Need a Virtual Receptionist/Auto Attendant?

Updated on January 3, 2024
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“The Virtual Receptionist” (IVR), also known as “Auto Attendant” is a virtual phone system that manages your incoming calls

Auto attendant is a cost-effective voice menu system that provides callers with a variety of options to reach different departments or employees of your company. It works as a virtual receptionist and can serve as the main phone line to your business. With auto attendant, not only can you record a message to greet your callers, but you can also provide them with a dial by name directory, dial by extension, or the option to leave a message.

An auto attendant is an integral part of our phone system. An auto attendant can answer all incoming calls with a professionally recorded greeting and menu of options.

Callers can dial by extension, dial by name, or choose from a list of options to reach a department or person.

Our VOIP System” comes with many powerful features, giving your organization a more professional image.

We provide professional phone answering services for businesses to communicate effectively with existing customers and connect with new clients.

The professionally recorded outgoing greeting gives your company the appearance of a Fortune 500 company, whether you have two employees or two hundred.

Each auto attendant extension can transfer the calls to an office line, a home phone, a cell phone, or a VoIP phone, allowing you to take important business calls no matter where you are. The automated attendant helps connect your staff together.

How Virtual Receptionist Works

You can configure your auto-attendant in your web interface for our phone services or just let us know and we will configure it for you.

Benefits of the Auto Attendant System:

  • Eliminates busy signals
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Improves customer service
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces caller on-hold time
  • Transfers calls without a receptionist
  • Ability to connect with remote extensions
  • No equipment to buy, install, or maintain
  • Responds to all incoming calls and connects them to the appropriate extension within your organization
  • Included on all our VoIP phone plans except the default. It works if you have at least one or more local or toll-free numbers from us.
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