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The Beginner’s Guide to West Quay Offices

Updated on March 3, 2024
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The first day at a Coworking Space can feel a bit like the first day of school. Will people be nice? Where will you eat lunch? Can I sit in there?

And while West Quay Offices Coworking spaces are designed to be comfortable spots that foster creativity and collaboration, they can still be a bit intimidating if you haven’t been to one before.

But even if you’re not nervous at all, it’s still good to know what you can expect when you arrive. This guide will answer all of your most pressing coworking questions so you’re confident and prepared for your first day.

Where do I go when I arrive?

When you first arrive, you’ll need to check in with the Community Manager at the front desk. You will srr any others who just walk by? They’re members.

Let the Community Manager know how you booked, whether through an app or over the phone. Need to buy an all-Day Pass? They’ll arrange that for you.

But what exactly is a community manager? 

The community manager will be your go-to person for questions, comments, concerns, and general information.

They’ll give you assistance to connect Wi-Fi, organize bookings for members, provide lunch recommendations, point you in the direction of the bathroom if you need it, and even provide chocolate. Community managers are basically your all-knowing coworking-space guide and helper when you need them.

How do I know where to sit?

It’ll be pretty clear where it’s okay to sit and where it isn’t, but we’ve got you covered just in case.

Lounge Area and Hot Desks

You can sit anywhere you like. Find an open seat, set your laptop up and get to work! Keep in mind that if you leave for lunch, you may need to find a different hot desk upon return. There’s no reservation, seat-saving, or claiming a favourite desk as yours. It is for any Member or non-Member who arrived with a Day Pass.

Dedicated Desks and Private Booths

Depending on your membership or if you rented one for a day, you may have access to a Dedicated Desk. This is similar to having a designated cubicle or Workspace at an office. You can leave for lunch and it’ll be waiting for you when you return. Ask about locks for drawers and filing cabinets.

Private Offices

Thinking about slipping into an open private office for a quick phone call? Don’t do it, unless you’ve paid for it. Offices are reserved for specific memberships but there are designated spots for privacy that all members can use, like phone booths.

Meeting Rooms

These rooms are great for meetings, collaboration, interviews, and more, but you’ll need to pay an additional fee to use them. You might be able to book Meeting Rooms online or ask the community manager for rates and booking information at the front desk. There are also booking tablets in front of each room where you can get information and book directly.

Is the coffee free? What about the snacks?

Yes! We provide free coffee, water (even sparkling), and cold juices for your drinking pleasure. We also have cereal in the morning and if this is your lucky day, some days are hot dog days.

What is a Phone Booth, and what’s the etiquette?

When you need a private spot for a quick phone call or video meeting, head to the nearest open phone booth. We have two phone booths available, they all have seating, soundproofing, and changeable lights. Since phone booth availability is limited, general etiquette is to keep it to a maximum of 30 minutes. Still, don’t shout or be loud in these booths.

Can I hang out in the common area?

You sure can. Common areas are just open spaces where you’re welcome to hang out and get a change of scenery. Take advantage of the communal tables and chat with those around you. You just might make a new connection!

Can I use the printer

Need to print a resume or a report? Check with the community manager about rates. Most of the membership comes with printing credits already.

Where do I eat lunch?

We have a kitchen and dining area where you can heat up meals and eat lunch. Ask the community manager if you need assistance.

Should I keep to myself or talk to others?

That is totally up to you. Keep in mind that coworking spaces attract innovative entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, and all-around cool people you might never have met otherwise.

So, feel free to strike up a conversation at the coffee machine or ask what someone is working on in the common area. You might find a new customer, learn about an amazing app that’ll make your life easier, or make a lifelong friend. Use your common sense, If a person is using their headphones and looks too focused on their laptop, do not disturb them.

How not to be that guy (or that girl)

When in doubt, leave the shoes on, use headphones when listening to music, clean up after yourself, don’t hog the phone booths, don’t talk loudly in the lounge area with your phone and always use your inside voice.

Following these basic rules will ensure you’re a courteous coworker who everyone is happy to share a space with, whether you’re a newbie or a regular.

We have an extended article about Etiquette Rules & Best Practices for Safe Working in West Quay Offices. Please read it when possible, we covered everything on there and it has our house rules.

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