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How to Use Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Last modified: February 24, 2023
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You can create/modify your website menu from ‘Drag & Drop Menu Builder’ of Dashboard

There are some pre-built menus (like – home, blogs, rooms, packages etc…) which can be added to website menu by simply clicking on ‘Add to Menus’ Button

You can add Custom Pages add the bottom of the Pre-built menus & can add them to website menu by clicking ‘Add to Menus’

How to Use Drag Drop Menu Builder

Admin can also create addional menus with URL or without URL

Target Attrbiute will decide whether the URL of the menu will be opened in a new tab (Target: Blank) of browser or in same tab

You can edit the menus (name, URL[not available for pre-built menus], target attribute

You can sort the website menus, take a menu under another menu etc…

Menus can be nested maximum 2 levels
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