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How to Use Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Last modified: February 24, 2023
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You can create/modify your website menu from ‘Drag & Drop Menu Builder’ of Dashboard

There are some pre-built menus (like – home, blogs, rooms, packages etc…) which can be added to website menu by simply clicking on ‘Add to Menus’ Button

You can add Custom Pages add the bottom of the Pre-built menus & can add them to website menu by clicking ‘Add to Menus’

How to Use Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Admin can also create addional menus with URL or without URL

Target Attrbiute will decide whether the URL of the menu will be opened in a new tab (Target: Blank) of browser or in same tab

You can edit the menus (name, URL[not available for pre-built menus], target attribute

You can sort the website menus, take a menu under another menu etc…

Menus can be nested maximum 2 levels
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