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How to Connect Your Computer to Ethernet

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Last modified: December 10, 2023
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All private offices have a high-speed Ethernet line option. There are many advantages to using direct Ethernet lines over wi-fi connections.

Speed – You can reach speeds that are not available through wi-fi wireless connections. We are talking about 3 to 4 times faster connections.

Security: All private office Ethernet ports are segmented and isolated from other rooms and parts by VLAN and strict firewall rules.

Reliability: Ethernet ports offer a more reliable and consistent connection to internet.

We suggest you connect your PC’s and laptops to Ethernet ports directly with a cable to take advantage of all

The Cisco IP phones on all private offices and dedicated desks are also Ethernet gateways.

The existing data network jack in your office will be directly connected to your phone. Then, a cable will be connected from your phone to your computer that will provide network connectivity for your computer. Your VoIP phone will not affect your network speed. Refer to the diagram above.

On the back of your phone, you will find Ethernet jacks. You need to connect an Ethernet cable from your computer to the port labeled PC.

Just connect the other side of the cable to your computer, and you are done. Enjoy the fastest and most secure internet.

In case you need cables or a converter, we maintain Ethernet cables and USB-C to Ethernet adapters in stock, which can be purchased from our store or by visiting reception.

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