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How to Connect to Wi-Fi Internet (for Members)

Wifi Internet Connection Perforated Paper
Last modified: November 3, 2023
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West Quay Offices offers high-speed internet broadcast through several hot spots around our office.

To connect to the internet, you need to know your PIN number.

If you are a visitor or client visiting one of the businesses in West Quay Offices, please read these instructions instead.

Connecting Wi-Fi

Search for “West Quay Offices” on your Wi-Fi. If you are connecting for the first time, the signup page will open. If you are connecting with the same device, our system will recognize you and connect to the internet immediately.

  1. Enter your email address; it should be the same email address you’ve used during your registration and to login to the Members Portal.
  2. Enter your 5-digit PIN; read below if you do not know what your PIN is.

How do I find the PIN number?

  1. Your PIN number was in the “Welcome” email we sent to you when you signed up for the West Quay Offices portal. Please search for the email with the subject “Welcome to West Quay Offices”.
  2. Access the Members Portal at and browse to Settings -> My Account -> Password -> Your PIN and password

3. On our mobile application, Passport, click on 3 dot icon, “…” on bottom right of screen -> My Profile -> Your PIN and password

If you have a private office or dedicated desk, we still suggest you use wired internet with an Ethernet cable for fastest speed, reliability, and security. Please read how to set up in here.

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