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Updated on January 3, 2024

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WQ Startup is a Business Planning application. It provides product planning, tasks, a business model, SWOT analysis, notes, calendars, and many more. West Quay Offices Members can use these features to create their own systems for Business Planning and ideation. This software will help execute ideas faster and more efficiently. With WQ Startup, multiple users on your team can sign up and manage their Workspaces.

WQ Startup is free for all West Quay Offices Members.

What problem does this software solve?

This software is designed to help Startup founders plan their businesses. Founders can discuss product planning with other users so that all the ideas and planning stay in the same place.

This software will help Startups save time researching business models and plans. The business model canvas is usually used by lean Startups. They can just create different plans and compare which one performs better over time after getting feedback from the customers.

It helps to keep essential business documents and knowledge bases in the same place. In the absence of a niche system, it gets difficult to track all the necessary documents for a business on a daily basis. Therefore, a system like the WQ Startup Kit can be very beneficial to Startup founders to help them plan better and execute their plans faster.

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